Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Shoes make everything better

Lately I have been feeling down in the dumps with a barrage of family issues. I'm feeling super fragile the last few weeks. I wish I could vent about them but no one wants to come to blog filled with sadness and negativity. In addition to all those messy things my car stalled 3 times on my way to work and I spilled coffee on my brand new white shorts today. I was really hoping for a better start to this 4 day work week. I'm just trying to keep my chin up and try to find positive in everything. These little pretties below are making me feel really good today.

(Photo courtesy of Zappos Nina Galiza)
These are the front runners for my wedding shoes. Originally I wanted green but I can help how perfect they are. Plus they are under $100!

(Photo courtesy of Zappos Bouquets)
I also really like these. The smaller heel will probably be more comfortable and also avoid the Amazon woman look. I always feel like an Amazon when I wear heels. I'm 5'7 with out heels and Brian is only 5'8. I have to admit I also love the $49 price tag.

I love Zappos for their free shipping both ways!

In addition to heels for the ceremony and early part of our wedding I'm going to purchase a pair of these BEAUTIES In addition to being extremely beautiful I highly recomend checking out the story behind the shoes on their website!

In closing I have to share another photo of some one that always makes me feel better.

(Personal photo)
This is Bogart the wonder dog. What he lacks in the brain department he gains in love. Yes, thats an apple. He plays fetch with them in the fall.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011


Well, I believe it has been just about forever since I posted last. I swear one day I will keep up with a daily, or maybe sorta daily blog??? I just wish there was more time in the day. I see all these beautiful, well kept blogs and I wish I were that at that level. I have to promise myself to keep up with it and keep it pretty. I hope I'm interesting enough so people will want to keep up with it as well. Fingers crossed!