Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Just looking back on some of my favorite moments of 2013! There have been so many wonderful moments; some small and some large. Some heartwarming and some heartbreaking moments too. No matter what type of moment they were I am reminded who was next to me when these moments took place. These are the select few people who own my heart. I am truly blessed to have them all by my side. As 2014 rolls in this evening I will be surrounded by a few of these amazing people. Most likely I'll be passed out. That is if baby doesn't decide to make an arrival tonight. Wouldn't that be an eventful evening?!?!

April- We celebrated our 1st wedding anniversary at a sweet little inn down on the Jersey Shore.

May- We got a little surprise in May, May 5th to be exact!

June- My best friend became a mommy!We were able to welcome Michael Joseph into this world.

July- Threw my husband an Ghostbuster themed, surprise 30th birthday party.

August- Finally starting to show.

September- Babymoon in North Carolina

October- My wonderful Fall inspired baby shower and my best friend's wedding. So happy to be partof the Riley families big day!

Looks like a wonderful year to me.
Looking forward to 2014.
Stay safe and enjoy every bit of it!!!

Monday, December 30, 2013

Christmas Swap Box

Earlier this month I signed up with Northeast Blogger Network for their Christmas swap. I got teamed up with 2 great bloggers to exchange with.

I got so lucky and received a swap box from Amy over at Love and Hot Chocolate! It couldn't have been a more appropriate partner considering I can't get enough hot chocolate these days! Yay for pregnancy cravings. Any is super sweet. She was such an awesome and thorough partner. Plus, on the day packages were to be sent out the North East was hit with a mega storm and she sent he husband out to make sure I got my gifts on time. They arrived in 1 day and I couldn't have been happier with all the amazing stuff she picked out for me.

Look at all of these goodies!
Of course she won me over with the adorable puppy dog Christmas card!

Here are the goodies she sent:
"I Love You More"- A book for me and baby! I read it immediately to baby before opening any more of the gifts. The whole time with tears in my eyes! It was such a beautiful surprise that she also sent something for our little baby
Wash clothes for baby- The are so perfect. Of course she got the color dead on. All of baby's things are gray and yellow!!!
Chocolate Goodies- Dark chocolare covered cookies and chocolate peppermint!
Cozy Socks- They are adorable and look just like little (swollen) elf feet!
EOS lip balm- My all time favorite and not a flavor I have ever tried. I have one opened so I have to contain myself to not open this one just yet. Not the easiest task!
Pier 1 frame ornament- Although I haven't filled it with a picture just yet it is already hanging on our tree! 
Car Airfreshener, and antibacterial hand wash- Both are already staples in my Jeep.

Already reading to baby!
You made this swap so much fun.
I had the pleasure of sending Katie a bunch of goodies too.
Hop over to her blog to find out what I sent her.

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Christmas In Our Home

I love to decorate for holidays. Christmas is no exception! I can't believe it is here already. I feel like the weeks have just flown by. I feel like I just put everyone up and now I'll have to take them down soon. Christmas decorations always make me feel so happy! I love the look of a room with the only lights coming from our tree. Best feeling in the world.

Here is just a glimpse into my favorite decorations.

This year we have added a little stocking to our staircase. A few years back we decorated our own. I'm thinking next year we may treat ourselves to Pottery Barn stockings but these silly handmade ones make me smile. 
The stripped gift pillow was a Home Goods purchase last year. 
I just picked up the other pillow at Target this weekend. It's a Threshold and it was on sale for 30% off already. It reminds me so much for National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation. 

Our tree is loaded with ornaments. I think we may need to get another tree at some point. Some of our favorites include the Cairn Terrier ornament, Mickey Mouse ears from Disney, Sully and Boo from Monster's Inc., polar bears, dolphin from our honeymoon in Bermuda, Ecto 1 and of course our National Lampoon's ornament.

Both the Believe sign and the lantern are scores from Home Goods. 
The large vase filled with ornaments was our centerpiece from my brother's wedding. 
The place mats are also a new purchase. Can't believe they came from Walmart. They are just so cute! 

I love our little console table. I filled it with some of our smaller items. I love the subway print surrounded by our candles, and homemade Christmas trees. 

I purchased the Pier 1 owl last year. I just love the Pier 1 animal decorations. I have a few hanging on my tree as well. The little bird I purchased at Target this year.

No house would be complete with out an adorable dog hanging out under the Christmas tree!

Here is just an extra bit of happiness that totally made my Christmas.

I work with children diagnosed with Autism. We had a last minute cancelation from our Santa so my dad ran down to my job and dressed up. He was by far the best Santa ever! He made our children so very happy. It brought tears to all of our eyes. 

That is what Christmas is all about. So happy to be his daughter. 

Merry Christmas Friends!
Hope you all have a wonderful few days with all the ones you love! 

Friday, December 20, 2013

The Things They Don't Tell Ya...

I must preface this with this statement...

I love being pregnant. I thank my lucky stars that my husband and I have been blessed with this baby.  The miracle growing in my tummy is beyond joyous for us!

With that being said; Holy crap!

The stuff people don't tell you about being pregnant! Let's just say here are just a few things I wish people had told me so I would be prepared for the strange things to come. This is meant to be light hearted. As I type these things I giggle because sometimes you just have to laugh off the discomfort and the not so great things. Obviously, everyone is different, feels different and reacts different to pregnancy!

- This shit people say. I think people get hit with the stupid stick before speaking to a pregnant woman. I have heard some real winners, "Are you sure you aren't having twins?", "You are huge.", "How much weight have you gained?", "You are so small, are you sure the baby is healthy", "Are you eating enough?"
I have an idea... Just tell a pregnant woman she looks beautiful! A simple "Congrats" is also pretty great too!

- The feeling like you have been riding a horse cross country. A girl at work did warn me of this! It is crazy. I would say from month 7 and even now I feel like I've taken a spin class for hours on end. I just hurts in crazy places!

- HOLY BOOBS! I'm sure if any of you have seen my pictures I have been blessed in the boob category. I would say more like burdened. I got ta-tas for days! I always expected to get a little bigger. Mostly when baby arrives but boy was I wrong. Let me tell you; NOTHING fits anymore!

- Mood Swings- I am like a crying, jealous monster these days! I cry at just about everything and in a second I become a angry monster! I swear I have cried at a commercial and with in a mila second I am asking if my husband is cheating. Freaking lunatic!

- Snoring- It is so bad I wake myself up doing it! I have always snored a tiny bit. It usually happens when I'm sick or laying on my back but now a days it happens whether I'm out for the night or during a simple nap in every and all positions.

- Sleeping- Well, some one should have told me it just does not exist past the 3rd trimester. It's more like tiny naps all night long!

- Sex- Yeah right Baby Center. Both me and husband find me uber sexy these days. Give me a break. That's all I have to say about that.

- The fear your husband will never find you attractive or sexy again.- I guess I am feeling hard on myself these last few weeks. In the early stages of pregnancy I felt beautiful and sexy with my growing bump. These days I just kind of feel like a lump of coal.

- Reflux- I thought it was heartburn and that is easy enough to deal with...Oh no. waking up vomitting in your mouth on a nightly basis is the not greatest. Tip- Sleep with Tums while you sit up. Mine are often propped up on my mega boobs.

What about you? Have you experienced anything ridiculous that you never thought you would when you were pregnant?

Happy 37 weeks to us! Baby is still holding strong 100% effaced. Not dilated just yet.

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Bumpdate- 36 Weeks

Some one wants to get in on the 36 week picture!

How Far along: 36 Weeks and 4 days.

Baby is the size of: Baby G is the size of a head of romaine lettuce.

Total Weight Gain: Ugh, I'm up 35. I can tell I have major water weight going on. The swelling has definately helped with the weight gain.

Sleep: I'm usually up several times at night for either a position change, bathroom break or because my snoring is so loud I'm waking myself up.

Best moment of the week:

* Being snowed in with my husband. Doing lots of cooking, baking and wrapping gifts together.
* Hearing the baby is 80% effaced at my appointment last week. Oh baby!!!  

Worst Moment of the Week:
* Getting stuck this morning in the snow with out my Jeep. For the first time during the nasty weather I had such an intense fear for baby and I. I felt like it was a mini panic attack. I cried and cried at the thought of getting to work.

Miss Anything:
* Feeling good in my own skin. Feeling attractive.

Food Cravings:
* Not much. I find it super funny that my husband craves more food lately than I do!

Anything make you queasy:
* Nasty acid reflux makes my stomach sick most nights.

Have you started to show? I really have and people have started to mention how BIG I am.

Gender: Surprise baby!!!

Symptoms: Swelling, trouble sleeping, soreness in my hips and nether region all the time.

Workouts: Taking the dog out and shoveling snow was the extent of my physical activity. I swear lugging around this baby is exercise enough!

Mood: I'm still really hormonal. I have been hard on myself lately. I feel heavy and very unattractive. I often wonder if my husband will ever find me attractive again.

Looking forward to:

* Meeting baby! I'm getting so excited to see if we are havng a girl or a boy!

Maternity Clothes: Yes plus lots of yoga pants!

Stretchmarks: Just noticed a few today.

Rings on or off? Haha, these monster fingers haven't seen a ring in weeks!

Bellybutton in or out? It's sort of in between still.

This week I:
* Did a ton of Christmas shopping and wrapping! All of the goodies are under the tree and I can't wait to distribute.

* Went to a Christmas concert and baby bounced the entire time. Baby loves music!

Baby Update:

* Baby is doing great.
* Baby is head down and getting ready to enter this crazy little world.

It's a bit blurry but I can't get enough of how funny he is.

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Monday, December 16, 2013

Freaking Out Just A Bit

Last Thursday I met with my doctor for my 35th week appointment. After my appointment a week earlier I started feeling a bit nervous. My exam showed I was thinning out last week so I was anxious to hear what my doctor would Thursday. It turns out I am 80% effaced. (At my appointment I just pretended I knew what that meant and as soon as I got to the car I looked that shit up on my IPhone.) For a new mom/ know nothing to be mom like myself I was clueless. Here is basically what I found:

Effacement is the term obstetricians use to describe certain changes in the cervix prior to childbirth. As delivery approaches, your baby will drop toward the cervix, or lower uterus. In response to this change in position, the walls of the cervix begin to efface, or thin out, to make room for the baby's passage. 80 percent effacement in combination with advancing cervical dilation---or opening---is typically a sign that active labor and childbirth are close at hand.

I'm trying not to get myself all worked up about progresing so fast but it's hard not to when your doctor preps you for your labor at your 35 week appointment. He did my strep test a week early just in case. I feel like there is still so much to do and not enough time to do it! Add in the holiday season I may be headed for panic mode

Here are some of the things that keep me worried at night:

- Most importantly will the baby be healthy enough for delivery before 40 weeks? Will the baby be born a healthy weight? Will his or her lungs be strong and completely developed?

Honestly the above is the only important thing I need to think about but there are frivolous things that I can't help to think about.

- Am I working myself up over nothing? Just because the I progressed so quickly the last 2 weeks doesn't mean I can stop all together and the baby will be born on time!

-Will my pump arrive in time? Insurance regulations only allow you to order it 30 days before your due date. It takes 2+ weeks to ship it.

- Did I pack all the right stuff for our baby bag? Enough stuff? Too much stuff? I still haven't packed the camera and video camera! I still need batteries and I need to charge the video cameraWho will take pictures?

- I didn't get my Christmas shopping done yet. I worry I won't have time to get everything for everyone! Will all the stuff I ordered on line get here in enough time for Christmas?

-Are those cramps real contractions. Am I over reacting or should I start monitoring them? I did download I iBirth calculator just in case.

- I don't even have our car seats in the cars yet. I don't even know how to install them.

- My husband's car is in the shop today. I'm so freaked I will go into labor today and he will have trouble geting to the hospital.

- I have so much stuff to be done at work too. I'm feeling overwhelmed just prepping for everything and everyone.

I can worry myself to the point of sickness.

Any suggestions from moms out there would be greatly appreciated.

Oh well, until then happy 36 weeks to us.

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Bumpdate- 35 weeks

Like our mess of Christmas presents hiding under our tree.
Clearly there are no secrets in this picture!
How Far along: 35weeks and 4 days. (Excuse my mistake from yesterday. I said 36 weeks.) My due date is 30 days from today 

Baby is the size of: Baby G is the size of a honey dew melon.Total Weight Gain: Ugh, I'm up 35. I can tell I have major water weight going on. I no longer have legs. I believe my thighs go straight into my shoes. There is nothing sexy about it!  

Sleep: Surprisingly it has gotten a little bit better since last week. I slept through the night 2 nights last week. That is huge for me!!!

Best moment of the week:

* Enjoying holiday activities.
* At my appointment last week baby the doctor told me I have already thinned out a substantial amount so baby could be here soon!
* Seeing my family at the wedding.
* Wearing yoga pants to work 2 days last week! It was wonderful!

Worst Moment of the Week:
* Trying to get to my car and scrape the ice off in the ice storm yesterday was a task. I almost went on by behind a few times.
Miss Anything:

* Feeling good in my own skin. I am busting out of all of my shoes and clothes. I could live in yoga pants and go barefoot till January if it were acceptable.

Food Cravings:

* I'm craving peppermint hot coco!

Anything make you queasy:

* Nasty acid reflux makes my stomach sick most nights.

Have you started to show? I swear since Thanksgiving I've become a whale.

Gender: Surprise baby!!!

Symptoms: Swelling, trouble sleeping, soreness in my hips and nether region all the time.

Workouts: Not a thing. I swear getting up out of a seated position or laying down in a work out. Ever see the French Bulldog puppy video trying to roll over? Yep, that is me!! 

Mood: I'm still really hormonal. I feel like crying all the time, for good reasons and bad reasons. My emotions are cray-cray

Looking forward to:

* Meeting baby! We are getting so close! 
* The holiday season!

Maternity Clothes: Living in leggings (thank you Old Navy Black Friday Sale) and its not a pretty sight!

Stretchmarks: Nothing yet. I hope it stays that way! 

Rings on or off? Haha, these monster fingers haven't seen a ring in weeks! 

Bellybutton in or out? Can it be in between?!?!

This week I:
* Danced like a champ at the wedding. I'm still suffering though. All that extra weight is not good for the knees. More importantly, I had a blast dancing. 

* Went to a Christmas concert and baby bounced the entire time. Baby loves music!

Baby Update:

* Baby is doing great.
* Baby seems to be anxious about meeting us! May come sooner than we think. We will know more tomorrow! 

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Come Visit

Today I am blogging over at Confessions of a Northern Belle.


As Caitlin awaits the arrival of her darling baby, and early Christmas present, Baby Annebelle she is sharing bunch of mommies and mommy-to-be posts and advice. Go check it out, leave some love for Caitlin and her sweet baby.

Today, I'm sharing all of the things that have gotten me through the last 36 weeks. Today, Baby G and I celebrate the start of our 9th month! It is such an exciting milestone!

I'll be back to post my usual bump date tomorrow. I completely overslept today and barely had time for coffee and a shower before the snow kicked in and I had to get my butt off to work.
Happy Tuesday.

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Christmas Traditions

My mom has always had such amazing Christmas traditions for us when we were growing up. We continue many of them now that my brother and I are grown! Brian and I started some of our own when we bought our home 4 years ago. With a baby on the way I can't wait to see what type of Christmas traditions Brian and I begin with our little one. I think a lot of traditions are planned and some just kind of happen. I know many of our family's tradition just sort of happened over time.

- Pajamas- We get new pjs every year on Christmas Eve. It all started when we were little. My mom always wanted us to look cute for morning pictures. This year she even bought me a XL pair in hopes of fitting my bump into them.

- Family Christmas Eve Pictures

- Crafting each year
This is my husband's least favorite. I'm sure! 

- Holiday Lights- When we were little my parents would load us up in the car and we would drive around for hours just checking out the holiday lights. Brain and I continue to do it every year.

- It's a Wonderful Life, White Christmas- These staples are a must watch each year. One of Brian's favorite movies has always been It's A Wonderful Life and he still recites Lasso The Moon scene for me!

- Rockefellar Christmas Tree- So lucky to live close enough to visit the tree each year.

- Holiday Party- I usually host a holiday party for friends and closest family the 1st week of December. This year we are going to have to skip the party. My brother's wedding is this Saturday and I am feeling a little to uncomfortable to take on a huge party this December. I'm sure next year our annual party will be back!

These are just a few of our family traditions.
What kind of traditions does your family have?
Any suggestions on what we can incorporate for our little one next year?

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Bumpdate- 34 Weeks

I hate this picture, a lot! 
I thought taking a picture near the big tree might make me look not so huge but I was wrong. 
I can barely see the darn tree! 
How Far along: 34 weeks and 4 days.

Baby is the size of: Baby G is the size of a cantaloupe!

Total Weight Gain: Ugh, I'm up 32 but my doctor says I'm right on target for my body type.

Sleep:  I don't know what sleep is any longer. I just hope it preps me (in some way) for the arrival of baby. The fatigue is hitting me hard. I can barely keep my eyes open most days.

Best moment of the week:

* We set up the tree and all of our holiday decorations.

Worst Moment of the Week:
* Complete exhaustion.
* Swelling!

Miss Anything:
* Feeling good in my own skin. I am busting out of all of my shoes and clothes. I could live in yoga pants and go barefoot till January if it were acceptable.

Food Cravings:
* I've been craving some red meat. Thanks anemia

Anything make you queasy:
* Due to being anemic I get dizzy really easy and that makes me queasy most days.

Have you started to show? Oh yes!

Gender: Surprise baby!!!

Symptoms: Swelling, trouble sleeping, soreness in my hips and nether region when I sleep.

Workouts: Not a thing.

Mood: I'm still really hormonal. I feel like crying all the time, for good reasons and bad reasons. My emotions are cray-cray

Looking forward to:

* Meeting baby! We are getting so close!
* The holiday season!

Maternity Clothes: Living in leggings and its not a pretty sight!

Stretchmarks: Nothing yet. Thank goodness!

Rings on or off? Mostly off. :(

Bellybutton in or out? Still holding strong as an in but it's nearly ready to pop. It freaks me out a bit too. 

This week I:
* Ate like a champion and it was awesome!

* Decorated our house for Christmas
* Did lots of online shopping for Christmas gifts.

Baby Update:

* Baby is doing great. 
* Baby seems to love the time of day when I can put my feet up. Baby always moves so much more when my feet are up. 
* Lots of shaking going on in there. Plus big, powerful kicks that stop me in my tracks most days.