Monday, June 30, 2014

Splendid Swap Party

A few weeks back I signed up for the Splendid Swap over at my friend Meg's blog.  I love swaps because I'm always looking for new blogs to read and meeting new blog friends. Actually, Meg and I met through a swap about 2 years ago. Meg gave me some of the most creative and sweet holiday gifts. I haven't participated in one in quite a while but I was excited to do a little something for me!

Borrowed Heaven

I was lucky to get paired up with fellow mommy blogger Patty over at Make It Cozee! You can check out her blog to see the goodies I sent her.

Patty sent me the most adorable little package! Everything was wrapped so perfectly and it was so much fun opening up all of my goodies.

 I got the most adorable anchor necklace which I have worn every day!!! I love to pair it with the adorable studs Patty also sent. I just love the smell of the new EOS hand lotion. I LOVE their chap stick but had never tried their lotion. I'm so glad she included this because I am sold on it. I will definitely buy it again.

The cutest little anchor sock are adorable and match with my new necklace. I love the hair band too. It has come in handy when we are hanging at the pool. As a mom Patty must know how much the babes love to pull hair because it is all Jack is doing lately. This keeps my bangs out of my face perfectly!
Please don't mind the blurry pic, cleave or double chin!

To top it all off Patty knew how much this gal needed her caffeine fix and topped my package off with a Starbucks gift card!!! I can't say it lasted more than a day because I treated myself with a Venti caffeine filled iced coffee the very next day after the package arrived!!!

Thank you so much Patty for all the awesome goodie! It was a pleasure getting to know you and I'm so glad I have a new blog buddy!

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Father's Day and Our Weekend Recap

Brian's first Father's Day weekend was a pretty great one. Well, besides the teething little man who we both felt very sad for. Brian is a very low key guy and doesn't do holidays or gifts. It's not really my thing but whatever! We still celebrate occasions in my world!

Saturday we had planned on a concert in the park with my family. It wasn't really my idea of a summer concert. We were FREEZING! Poor Jack had 3 blankets on and was cuddled up with everyone. We all had a really great time. The music was good. The company was great. 

Father's Day started with a teething boy getting sick all over his daddy and our bed. I think it was all the cold air the night before in addition to his teeth. As daddy took care of Jack I made him his favorite breakfast, banana pancakes. To bad he didn't get to eat them fresh because Jack got sick again. A few hours later Jack was doing a lot better . We enjoyed a nice bbq at my brother's house. Jack got to spend time with his grandparents and great grandma. Jack is madly in love with my brother and sister in law's dog, Cinco. 

Hope all the daddies out there had a wonderful weekend!
What did you all do? 

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Two Years Ago

Two years ago this week we set sail for our honeymoon cruise. I can't believe it has 2 years already! Cruising was a blast and cant wait to do it again. Bermuda was fantastic and I would go back in a second. 

I've heard such great things from people who have cruised with their families too. I'd love to take a Disney Cruise with Jack when he is a bit older.  

Have you cruised with your children? Would you suggest it?

Where did you go on your honeymoon?

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Jack's 1st Pool Experience

It's official!

 We have a water baby. This kid LOVES the pool.

After such a long and freezing winter it has been so nice to get out and finally enjoy some summer fun with our little boy!  Jack has always loved the water so I'm not really surprised. He could not get enough in both his baby pool and the pool in our development. This little boy loves to splash and kick his feet. He pushes away from me when I hold him so he can be get as much of his body under water.

Jack sat in his float and just watched as the other children played, splashed and enjoyed themselves. We picked up some splasher diapers and they are well worth it. 

A friend of ours picked up a water table for her 1 year old son and Jack loved it as much, if not more than her son did. We wasn't tall enough to stand up so we just put him on top of it. He just hung out, eating some toys as his friend Michael played. 

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Jack- 5 Months

Weight and Height- 

Jack now weighs 14.4 and is 24 inches long!  He's still wearing lots of 0-3 month clothes. Most of the rompers I bought him are 6 months and he is swimming in them. 

4 months shots were terrible. 

Jack continues to go back to his group of specialists. We continue his nebulizer and percussion therapies 2 times a day.  He will be getting some blood work and chest x-rays in the next few months. At his last appointment his specialist used the words "fantastic"

Jack is a great sleeper. He always gets up 1-2 feedings a night. 

Jack barely cries.He is such a happy little boy. We had our first screaming car ride last week. It was so sad. He SCREAMED his bloody head off. I sat in the back with him and replayed Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood over and over for the 40 minute car ride! 

I think he may be a strawberry blonde.

Our 1st Mother's Day 

Loves his sunglasses


Jack is wearing 3 months. He also fits in 0-3. The rompers I bought for the summer are all 6 months. They are all so big!

Feedings- Jack is nursing whenever he is with me. I pump all day at work. He takes 6-8 oz bottles every 3 hours. 

We have one down. Most days start at 5am. We begin with this treatments and follow that up with a feeding. Our nights usually contain another treatment and feedings. We all go to bed around 11pm. 


He is so incredibly happy and friendly. Jack reacts to people he is familiar with and its usually a huge smile. He is now interested in his cousins and smiles at them when they play. 

Pool- He LOVES being in the water. 
Bath time is a favorite too. 
Music- We all love the Frozen station on I tunes Radio. He still like when I sing to him. 
Family- He loves his grandmas and grandpas. He spends each day with older cousins, 1 and 4 years old. 
Bouncy seat- We got everything plus more at our shower but this little guy loves this $3 find from a yard sale. We burn out batteries like nobody's business.
MamaRoo- Its so soothing for him.
Cartoons especially Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood and Dinosaur Train

Getting his boogers sucked out.
Having his hands covered  

Being at work is tough.I still hate being away from my little man but I like the routine of getting out of the house. I'm exhausted pretty much all of the time but its a good tired. I really want to start losing some weight. I'm huge and its so disappointing. I really hate to look at myself. I just don't want to work out either. I'd rather spend my time with Jack instead!

Jack has rolled over. His legs are very strong and he enjoys standing. He is very chatty. He smiles and laughs too. He is sitting up well on his own. He is teething so bad. It's the worst. Some days he just screams for no reason! Jack has tried rice cereal although he is mainly on breast milk until at least 6 months.  Jack went in the pool or the 1st time. He also went to his 1st strawberry patch. 

Chicken Nugget, Stinky Doodle, Bug, Noodle, Jack Frost, Hungry Jack, Jack Attack

Look how he has changed!