As most of you guys know I haven't felt like my old self in a few weeks but my best friend thinks she has the cure...

What is it you may ask? Half naked hotties and copious amounts of vodka of course!
We are off to see Magic Mike sometime very soon. But these shall hold me off until then.

I'm sure I'm not the only one!

In addition to a little man candy we have such a busy weekend. I would rather just sleep through it. I'm so very tired and I haven't had a second to catch my breathe this entire month. Everything went down hill a month ago today and that makes me sad. Oh how I wish things were the way they were over a month ago! But alas we must move on and celebrate the positive. Tomorrow is my brother's surprise 30th birthday party, Sunday we have a graduation party and its my hubs birthday!

Hope you enjoy every second of your weekend.