Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Happy 3 Years

On this day 3 years ago we became husband and wife.

It's been a wild ride!

Here's a picture overload for you!

On April 29th 2 years ago was the first time I thought I was pregnant! 

Six days later my thought was confirmed. 

April 29th is my favorite day!

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Why I'm a Crappy Blogger...

I'm a crappy blogger. 

I can't even remember the last time I posted. 

I can't remember the last time I had a good idea. 


I have a good idea, plan to blog it, forget the good idea...

I think not sleeping well for 2 years has had negative impact on my brain. 

I like Instagram better! 

It's finally nice weather so we are spending time outside. 

Household chores always need to be done. 

Trips to the park are our new favorite.

Talking walks with my family have become our "thing"

I feel guilty when I play with my phone or pick up computer. 

This little nugget is why I haven't been blogging lately. 

That smile!

His giggle! 

His communication! 

He's why I don't pay as much attention to what is happening on social media. 

I want to acknowledge the present and savor every second on each day spent with Jack. 

I'm sure I'll have some interesting ideas soon. 

Maybe I'll find a balance in the future. 

Friday, April 17, 2015

Friday Favorites

Just a few random thoughts to kick off my Friday. 

It's playoff time. 
Don't bother me. 
Let's Go Rangers


The more I look at Jack and realize he's more of a big boy and less of a baby each day. I love watching him grow but it's really getting me all "I want another baby" and "Let's have another"! Then I remember how tired I really am or the fact that Jack had me up from 3-4 this morning. 


My child is obsessed with a ziplock bag of Legos. Jack loves carrying around this silly bag. He doesn't play with them. Just carries them around. It's pretty darn cute! 

I love that is is finally deck weather. We threw out our old table that was large for our deck and had began rusting. We bought a much smaller and saver table. We now have plenty of room on our deck for Jack to play while we enjoy the quiet of our backyard. 

People stay the stupidest things over social media. I had posted something about Cystic Fibrosis earlier this week on Facebook. (As many of you know Jack has been diagnosed with CF) Some one I went to high school with made the most idiotic comment about knowing some one who had CF but died after a lung transplant at the age of 34. I know that all people with CF have different life expectancy but I don't need to be reminded. What the F was she thinking???

Monday, April 13, 2015

Perfect Spring Weekend

This weekend was absolutely wonderful. We finally had some great weather and it finally felt like spring time. On Saturday Jack and I hung out with my parents while Brian worked most of the day. We visited with great grandma and did a little shopping. Jack had a blast in PetSmart. I swear I'm raising Dr. Dolittle. We could't get him out of there!

On Sunday I woke up before the rest of the house did. I snuck out and picked up coffee and bagels. When I got back home the boys were still sleeping. It was nice to have a little quiet time. After the boys woke up we ate and we head out to the park. We haven't been to the park in several months, even before Jack could walk so I was excited to see his reaction. Jack had a blast. We brought his soccer ball and bubbles. He wasn't a fan of the swing. Which is weird because he loved it last summer but he was a HUGE fan of the slide. We were at the park for hours and when we left we didn't want to head home just yet. We went out to lunch, a local cafe and book store before heading home.

Once we were home we couldn't stand being inside the house on such a beautiful day. Brian put Jack's Radio Flyer Wagon together and we took walked all over our neighborhood. Jack loved it and so did I! It was one of those days that will go down as one of my favorite family days. Sundays are usually the only day we have together as a family of 3 and we tend to just relax when we can. I'm so glad we spent the day having fun as a family. The cooking and the house cleaning can wait for another day. The only bad thing about perfect weekends is Mondays come way too quickly.

Don't forget. Keep voting for Jack. He's currently in 3rd place!
Up to 10 times a day!

Thursday, April 9, 2015


Soooo, I have become one of "those" moms who enter their children in Cutest Baby Contests! It may sound silly but I entered him because it's fun but also because I can win him two free tickets to a music show. It's just for fun but if you have a second and wouldn't mind voting for my cutie he would really appreciate it and enjoy seeing the Muppets!

You can vote up to 10 times a day until the end of the month.

I mean he really is a cutie! Just click the link below!

Thank you!!!

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Vacation Planning


Lately, I've been stuck on the idea of taking a family vacation. It may not be in the cards for us this year since we had to purchase a new car after Brian's Honda died 2 weeks ago. We have 2 weddings to attend this summer but I'm still hoping we can swing a small family vacation.

I'm not really sure where we would like to go but I do want to go some where close to the beach. Children like Jack with Cystic Fibrosis really thrive with the salty air at the beach. We live in northern New Jersey and the obvious choice is to go to the Jersey Shore but I've never really liked the NJ beaches. Nothing against NJ but every time I have went to different beaches I was not impressed with many of hotel accommodations, the trash on the beaches and it's just not for me. The beaches like Spring Lake (where we stayed when I found out I was pregnant) and Ocean Grove are beautiful but really expensive. I'm ready to experience a little something new but would consider if I could find something family friendly and affordable.

Brian and I love North Carolina. We have vacationed in Oak Island twice and really enjoy it there. The Oak Island/Wilmington area is one of my favorite places to visit. We usually stay at my families beach house but this year we are thinking of staying at a hotel. I hate imposing on others. The problem I have is it's a 12 hour car ride and Jack doesn't like the car so I really think North Carolina is not a good option.

I've also been thinking about the beaches in Delaware and Maryland.  Both aren't that far from us. I think 4 hours is my limit with Jack in the car. I've heard good things about Ocean City, Fenwick Island, Rehoboth Beach. I haven't been to the beaches in either so it's all new to me. I've been doing some research but I really hate searching for hotels or beach rentals. I always feel like they look great on line but no so much in real life.

Have any of you taken a toddler on a beach vacation?

Is anyone familiar with the beaches of Delaware or Maryland?

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Our Easter Weekend

Photo credit LoriDoll Photography

This Easter weekend felt like it just flew right by. Saturday we spent with my mom and Jack. We had such a blast. We went shopping for a friend's baby shower, ate lunch on the lake where we were married, and got Jack a hair cut at a real, old fashioned barber shop. I lose mom points because I didn't take pictures! Saturday night we got ready for bed and I read Jack "The Night Before Easter" by Natasha Wing. We have so many of her books. We just love them. Can you tell Jack enjoys them?

Jack woke up Easter Sunday and didn't seem like himself. He was up really early and after he fell back to sleep we woke up and had missed church. He was super happy with all of the goodies he found in his Easter basket.

Jack's candy and toy free Easter basket. Our Easter bunny filled Jack's basket with sidewalk chalk, crayons, 2 animal books, coloring books, beach towels, Easter plate/fork, daisy planting kit, gardening kit and snack containers. 

We spent the day with Brian's family in celebration of Easter and his grandfather's 80th Birthday. As the day progressed he seemed like he was coming down with a cold. There were glimpses of my happy little man but he was very whiney and seemed pretty grumpy. He did  eat well and get some fresh air. He did not nap well so in addition to feeling sick he was over tired by the time we went home. Our night was tough. We gave Jack a warm vapor bath and an extra breathing treatment before we cuddled up for bed.

Today, we ended up at the doctor and lucky Jack's doctors just think its only a cold. His lungs are clear and he does not have an ear infection. 

Hope you all had a wonderful Easter weekend.