Friday, April 26, 2013


The Vintage Modern Wife: Happies and Crappies Link Up


- I finished boot camp for the month of April! I've joined signed up for May classes too! 
Must get healthy! 

- I'm not losing weight but I'm feeling so strong compared to how I was when I started. In March I was barely able to complete 2 minutes of sit ups with out a break. Now I can and it feels pretty great. 

- I have sold so many unwanted items we had just sitting around the house. I hate clutter and throwing things away. I'm so glad I get to sell them to people who will use them. Plus the extra cash is pretty awesome too. 

- I got my free canvas from Canvas People and I got 2 canvas for the price of one from Snapfish. My gallery wall is slowly but surely getting there. 


- Our 1st anniversary is Monday and we STILL have no plans. 

- Our measurements were done in class today and I lost 1 inch and then gained inches in other places. I'm working so hard and really wish there were better numbers.

- Work! I'm so physically and mentally exhausted. 

- I've cried a lot this week. I think I'm just hormonal or just a cranky jerk. 

- In order to afford boot camp next month I had to cancel my Weight Watchers membership. Why can't I make more money :( 

- I haver to go to the dentist before work today. I HATE the dentist. 

What were your HAPPIES and CRAPPIES this week?

Thursday, April 25, 2013

It's OK" title="Its Ok Thursdays">

" alt="Its Ok Thursdays" />

I haven't done one of these in quite some time. Why is it that I have to love so many link ups around the blog world. I feel like I'm "cheating" when I skip one for another. It's probably me stressing out about insignificant stuff like I usually do.

So here are the things that I'm OK with this week:

- To be obsessed with on line gargae sales via Facebook. I have sold so much crap I mean treasures that I would have just donated or thrown away. I like the idea of so many people recycling their items. I check the updates like its my job.

- To think it is rude to not receive e-mail responses. I mean how hard is it in the real world to take a second out of your day to email some one back. It's not like I'm expecting a long drawn out phone call. RUDE!!!

- To be sad, pissy and angry that we have NO plans for our one year anniversary. I guess I sound shallow but I really wanted to get away with my husband. We are so bad. We never follow through with anything. Even typing this makes me nearly cry.

- To be physically and mentally exhausted. I think I need a retreat weekend all by myself. Somewhere beautiful where I can do yoga and get massages all weekend long. Now if some one would give me that for free I will gladly take it.

- To be a shitty wife sometimes. When I asked my husband to pick up rolls to go along with the dinner we were having and he just decided he didn't want to I got angry and on my way home from work picked up 1 roll for myself. Nothing for him. I got a little tired of him never listening to simple requests. Clearly, I've been a super biatch this week.

- In closing, it is ok to be obsessed with this adorable video. I can't watch with out laughing.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Wedding Wednesday- Our Ceremony

It was around this time last year I took a walk down the isle and became a Mrs! 
It was an amazing day filled with all of my favorite people. 
Here are a few photos of our ceremony. 

We were married outdoors, on the water at Lake Mohawk Country Club. 
The wind was blowing full force and at times it was a bit chilly. 
The sun was shining and it was so perfect. It was the way I had always imagined.

Our ceremony lasted about 30 minutes. 
A friend of Brian's family officiated and my aunt read us a beautiful poem.
When I look back at the poem she read us I can't believe how beautiful and true to life it would be. 

My mom looked so happy and so beautiful.

My dad was the picture of calm where I on the other hand was a nervous mess. 

This is one of my most favorite pictures from our wedding. 
My best friend took this shot. I just love the way my dress moves! 

I love this photo and how all the dad's and grandpa are in the shot.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

I'm a Klutz

I have never been graceful. I'm what you would call a klutz. Yesterday was no exception. At work one of our kids was having a difficult day and went to run out of the building. I ran after and in seconds found myself on the floor. I took one step, knee gave out and I was down. My legs were really sore from boot camp earlier yesterday and I think my legs just gave out under me.  I went right down on my left knee. In the process I slid cutting my ankle open. It was like slow motion but I didn't get my hands down or try to catch myself. It's so much easier and a lot less painful as a kid when you fall. My body aches today! The sore and stiffness is most likely from the fall and the boot camp class from yesterday morning. 

Story of my life! 

This morning I'm icing my big, bruised knee and ankle. I've got 2 more days left of boot camp for the month. I've done really well and am really hoping for some results at our last class on Friday. I lost a bunch of inches last month and I'm hoping for more this month. I scales have gone no where so I really need the measurements to decrease so I don't feel discouraged. 

Monday, April 22, 2013

This Weekend I...

This weekend we were LAZY! I'm still feeling sicky and now my husband is under the weather too. He is such a whiner when he isn't feeling well. I kinda wanted to send him off to his parent's house. 

We both worked the majority of Saturday which didn't leave much time for anything fun but I did take a little time to celebrate the weekend with a trip to Target. I love walking around that store by myself. I treated myself to a new bag (on sale), scarf, top and a little something for the house. I did a little gardening and took a nap. 

Our work schedules don't always allow for Brian and I to spend a lot of quality time together. When we both work on Saturdays its hard to do anything together on the weekends too. We try and make Saturdays our date night. YUM, sushi! 

On Sunday we had a family day. Sadly, my cousin's husband has filed for divorce. She is having a tough time with things so my mom planned a big family dinner so all of us could spend time together and take her mind off of things for a little while. I feel so terrible for her and her daughter. It's times like this when family really matters. 

I finally set my blog up with Bloglovin last week. 
Won't you consider following me and some of the gals here! 

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Sunday Social

What is your shopping weakness? 
Hello, my name is Kristina and I am addicted to Old Navy and Home Goods. I have a shopping addiction in general. It's bad!!! I can't turn down a sale either. 

What is your food weakness? 
I'm a foodie. I love trying new and interesting things. Most recently I've been obsessing over Cuban food. 

What is your go to movie to watch when nothing is on? 

I love the New Year's Eve scene and the Brooklyn Bridge scene. I could watch them a hundred times over!!! 

What is your go to breakfast food? 
If my waist would allow me I would eat an everything bagel on the regular. Since that is not an option I'm a fan of smoothies. My favorite is coconut milk, banana, peanut butter, ice and spinach! Yum! 

Do you drink coffee? If so how do you take it? 
I DO!!!! I'm a simple girl, skim milk and 1 equal! 

Sunday Social

Friday, April 19, 2013

Happies and Crappies...


- Our 1st wedding anniversary is coming up. I'm pretty excited. Trying to find fun things to do because Brian and I have taken 2 extra days off next week. Can't believe a year has gone so fast. 

- I'm trying to talk my husband into staying at this Bed and Breakfast for our anniversary. It's adorable plus they have an Inn dog named Quincy! I wonder if they'd let me have him for the night?

- I'm semi on the mend. This bronchitis has knocked me out. I'm back at work just in time for the weekend. I intend on sleeping the majority of the time. This medicine is making me feel even worse. Yuck! 

- I only missed 1 bootcamp class. Trust me I felt terrible getting through them being sick but it really is amazing what our body can do, even when we think we can't. Only 4 more classes! Hoping for some more results this month! I'm proud that I've avoided wine all month! I vowed to not by any alcohol and keep any in our home the last 2 months! Accomplished:)


- For me it feels some what frivolous for me to complain about the problems in my life this week. Compared to so much suffering in Boston and Texas my complaints are nothing. Yes, my job is tough, I'm under tremendous stress, we didn't get them news I was expecting, we may not have children but my loved ones are safe and I'm able to wrap my arms around them. I really can't complain about anything this week. 

What are you happy for this week?

The Vintage Modern Wife: Happies and Crappies Link Up

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Throwback Thursday.

I love this picture. It reminds me of how wonderful my Aunt Susan was to us growing up. When she passed away in 2012 after a very long and painful illness we were all heartbroken. It's so nice to look back on pictures and memories we have of her.

I don't have any idea why I'm eating my witches broom and not the jack-o-lantern sugar cookie. 

I love my aunt's bright orange Chuck Taylors peeking through. She was so festive for Halloween. 

I know there are so many hurting in this world for the last several days. My heart aches for Boston and Texas as well.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Wedding Wednesday- Honoring Those Who Where There In Spirit

There is a part of me that was very sad on the morning of our wedding. Knowing that some ot the people I loved most and loved me could not be with us. Although I know they were looking down on us and celebrating along with us it was hard knowing they wouldn't be with us physically.

I wanted to honor the ones I wished could have been there. I carried both of my grandparent's wedding pictures in a charm on my bouquet.

To honor my grandparents and my aunt we included this beautiful poem in our program. 

While I'm on the topic of WEDDINGS; our anniversary is very FAST approaching. I'm drawing a blank on what we should do. We both took 2 days off so I'm toying around with an overnight trip somewhere instead of giving gifts. I'm also toying around with the idea of skipping the gifts or trips and doing a household project. Lame?!?! 

I need some ideas. HELP! 


Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Faith in Humanity

Being out sick yesterday I felt like I had a front row seat to the horror that unfolded in Boston. I originally heard via Anderson Cooper tweeting "Investigating incident at the Boston Marathon". I flipped on the closest news channel and I sat in horror. What I saw was beyond what the brain should ever witness. The horrific pain of our fellow human beings is beyond measure. My heart aches. But the one thing that caught my eye are the volunteers, runners, spectators and police who ran towards the explosions to help those gravely injured. In our darkest day there will always be a glimmer of hope and some, although slight, faith in humanity.

Today my heavy heart sits with Boston and everyone who was affected by the senseless act of violence.

Monday, April 15, 2013

This Weekend I

This weekend I did a lot of sleeping, coughing, vaporizing and humidifying.

Yep, I am sick. I haven't felt this bad in a long time. I hate being sick. I hate feeling lazy and week. On Saturday I attempted to clean some of the houses. I got through a few rooms and I was wiped out. On Saturday night I couldn't sleep or breathe. I felt like it was a asthma attack although I don't have asthma. Finally Sunday morning I made Brian take me to urgent care. After a check up and a breathing treatment I was diagnosed with nasty bronchitis. I was sent home with cough syrup, antibiotics, prednisone, and an inhaler. I'm out of work till at least Wednesday. I'm run down and I'm wiped out.

The one productive thing I did wall weekend was help my mom find a dress for my brother's wedding this coming winter. It was so weird being back in a bridal store. I haven't been in one since last April. It was so weird being stress free. I had no stress involved with this visit. It was perfect. I'm not in the wedding party so I have no stress about bridesmaid gowns, fitting into anything or wearing something some one else picks for you. Instead, the stress was all on my mom. We did find some of the most beautiful dresses for her to try on.

We found this adorable bridal shop, Chrissy O. Here were her favorites.

I loved them all. She was torn between the second and the last. Mom ended up going with the last dress. She went with a forest green. She is going to look beautiful in it.

Friday, April 12, 2013


Scissors and a Whisk: Happies and Crappies Link Up


-Boot camp is kicking butt. I more than halfway through the April classes. My instructor approached me after class and told me how awesome she thinks I'm doing. She said she sees a huge improvement since the beginning of March. Now if I can only drop some weight, lol. More importantly I absolutely LOVE IT and I love how strong I feel.

- It's finally feeling like spring around here. Flowers are in bloom and its semi warm but I'll take it. 

- I took today off. I need a break. Mom and I are in need of some retail therapy. 

- Waiting on news that could potentially be incredible for our family. We just need some really good thoughts!


- I am sick. I have a terrible chest cold. I really feel miserable. My chest hurts and coughing is killing me. Brian is sick too. We are both cranky and miserable. 

- A few members of my family needs a lot of support these days. Positive thoughts would be appreciated. 

- Work has really been insane lately. I feel like I'm barely keeping my head above water at work. It's such a stressful time. There are days I find myself so tired and so stressed I could cry. 

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Throwback Thursday....

I was recently cleaning up my Mac last week when I found this gem.

Apparently my best friend and I were out one night and thought it would be fun to take pictures with some one's old Volkswagen. That seems innocent enough, right?!?! I don't know if I'll share with you what Jac did after she realized the doors were open. Turns out the VW belonged to a friend of ours from high school who was in town visiting.

I believe this is going back about 10 years ago. We used to have such a blast. Our friend used to bartend in the town where we grew up. It was pretty much our very our "Cheers". It's crazy that Jaclyn is now very pregnant and our big adventures on the weekend usually include a trip to Trader Joes and Home Goods at the dismay of our budget loving husbands. It's time for us to embark on new adventures but we used to be a blast!

Linking up with Ady...

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Wedding Wednesday- Getting Hitched on a Budget

Welcome to my second week of Wedding Wednesday. Last week I began sharing the posts I never got to post last year after our wedding.

I pride myself on being a budget savvy gal and honestly my wedding was no exception. We didn't want to go crazy and put ourselves in the poor house when planning our wedding. I was pleasantly surprised when after all was said in done we actually went under our original budget.

The best bit of advice I got when planning a wedding was pay a little bit at a time. My advice is have a long enough engagement where you don't have to jump on the first vendor you speak with. Take your time, realize what you want, what you are comfortable paying and not settle for anything you are unsure of. Also, put your money in the places you will remember and your guests will remember. I'm relatively crafty so we also saved money on our centerpieces.

We chose to have our wedding on a Sunday afternoon in April which saved us 70% off the regular price at the country club. Base price on a weekend during high season starts at $100. That was before any alcohol package was added. The venue was absolutely beautiful and what I always wanted.

I didn't skimp on the important things but we were very lucky with the choices we made. I was able to shop around for 15 months before all of the decisions were made. We were lucky to find an up and coming photographer and her husband who took pictures for 8 hours and we got a disk of 800 photos for under $1,200. As a way to save on our photographer we didn't get prints or an album. Instead we used the dvd and printed out photos via Snapfish and Shutterfuly or whichever had a sale. We also used both sites to make our wedding album for under $50. We chose our DJ after I saw them perform at a bridal show. I thought they were pretty fun and I was happy to see them live before I had to make a decision. We received a discount after visiting them at the show too. Our friend, Marie was happy to make our cake for under $300.

My splurge item was my gown and altering my gown. Having a large chest it was hard to find a dress I looked beautiful in. I found the St. Patrick's gown at RK Bridal in NYC. I can't say enough things about this place. I went on a Monday morning. No one was there besides me. I had the help of several attendants. I spent 6 hours trying on gowns. Because I can't make decisions I was so glad when a girl who was there for a friend's dress fitting walked over to complement me on my gown and how she thought I looked in it. The dress needed a bit of work to work with my body but it was worth the splurge. I felt amazing in my dress. It was everything I had ever wanted in a dress. I felt so pretty. At the end of the night I didn't want to take it off. I used my usual regular hair stylist. She was incredible. She charged my $75 for my hair and $50 for all of the girls and moms. Jewelry was found on Etsy and also a small local shop. Both bracelet and earrings cost under $75.

Flowers were not a place I felt I wanted to spend to much. I love flowers and think they are all pretty. A friend told me she had gotten her wedding flowers at a Price Chopper. I took her advice and was able to stay way under my budget. I chose to go with seasonal flowers and use a bunch of local wild flowers  as fillers.

I was a very lucky girl and won a lot of wedding essentials. Thanks to Project Wedding I won my fianc├ęs amazing Bonobos Italian wool suit, priced at about $700; a hair piece from Bella Bleu Sara Gabriel Hairpiece, a garter from Bleu Garters, a wedding tree from True Woodcuts. I also won my bridesmaid's tote bags from American Bridal and some other small accessories.

I wasn't sure if we should post exactly what we spent on our wedding so lets just say I spent between $14,000 and $16,000. If anyone wants to know how we were able to do it and exact amounts please feel free to message me. In a world where the average wedding is between $19,000 and $32,000. I say my budgeting was pretty successful. Staying half under the typical wedding budget I still had everything I wanted and dreamed of for our day.

Monday, April 8, 2013

Showers of Happiness

This weekend we celebrated the very soon arrival of my best friend's little one. Baby D will be here before we know it. Due date is scheduled for May 30th. I'm betting she goes a bit early. I'm guessing a boy born on May 28th. The mommy to be and Oma to be set up a beautiful gender neutral shower. 

Instead of a wishing well the momma asked for all the guests to bring a baby book for the baby's library. They made adorable diaper cakes for the tables and added spring flowers that made the room smell so pretty. She got tons of great stuff. 

Can't wait to meet you Baby D.