Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Bumpdate- 33 Weeks

What I'm wearing:
Stripe Dress (no maternity)- H&M
Stripes are not the best choice these days
Leggings- Motherhood
Sweater- Target
Scarf- Newhards 

How Far Along: 33 weeks and 4 days. 

Baby is the size of: Baby G is the size of a durian. WTH is that??

Total Weight Gain: Ugh, I'm up 31 but my doctor says I'm right on target for my body type. 

Sleep:  Is still not good. I'm still on the couch and I refuse to even try the bed at this point. Does any one else get extremely stiff while sleeping? It's usually my hips and back but also, no matter how much water I drink, my fingers stiffen. I can barely move them when I wake up. 

Best Moment of the week:

* I love nesting. My house is looking so neat and clean. I'm cooking up a storm. It's nice

Worst Moment of the Week: 
* We had come up with a girl's name and my dad basically begged me not to name our baby Willow. Back to the drawing board??? 
* Swelling! 
* Finding out I have to switch my insurance as my husband's job will start a surcharge for spouses as of January 1st (10 days before baby is due) If I don't switch it will cost us another $380 a month for just me. Plus his insurance is so much better than mine. 
* My doctor told me I was anemic at my last appointment. It explains why I've been feeling really dizzy the last few weeks. 

Miss Anything:
* I've been crazing a dirty martini like nobody's business! 

Food Cravings: 
* Nothing out of the ordinary but I am ready for some turkey!!!  

Anything make you queasy: 
* Due to being anemic I get dizzy really easy and that makes me queasy most days.

Have you started to show? Oh yes! 

Gender: Surprise baby!!! 

Symptoms: Swelling has come back, trouble sleeping, soreness. 

Workouts: Not a thing. 

Mood: I'm still really hormonal. Bogart had the pukes the other night and it reduced me to tears. I felt so terrible for him. We were both up at 4am Sunday. He was puking and I was 

Looking forward to: 

* Meeting baby! We are getting so close! 
* Thanksgiving. 
* The holiday season! 

Maternity Clothes: A good mixture. My jeans are not fitting as nice because baby is so low. I've been living in leggings. 

Stretchmarks: Nothing yet. Thank goodness! 

Rings on or off? Mostly off. :( 

Bellybutton in or out? Still holding strong as an in!

This week I: 
* Started Christmas shopping! I'm hoping to be done really soon just in case this little munchkin comes really early! 

* Finished packing our hospital bags! They are all safely located at my parents. My parents are only 5 minutes from the hospital so I feel like they are the safest at their house. 

Baby Update:
* Doctor said baby is perfect. Perfect size and great heartbeat.  
*Baby's legs seem to sitting in my ribs! 
* Baby's eyes are open!
* Lots of brain development. 
* Baby moves around all the time and especially when my feet are up. 

Monday, November 25, 2013

I'm So Very Thankful

Like most of us I spend November to reflect on all the blessings I have in my life and all the things I'm grateful for. I think it can be so easy to take things, experiences and people for granted. Something done every day can become routine and someone that you see every day can become expected. It can be so easy to forget just how special everything in your life can be. I love my life and I'm thankful for everything that I have. I must say this year I have reflected much more than usual on all the great things in life. I think it's the hormones. Whatever it may be I'm thankful. 

- My Family. I swear my parents are amazing. My mom is the most giving person I have ever met. She loves everyone and shows it. Some may take advantage of her kindness and it drives me insane but she loves none the less! My dad, although rough on the outside goes out of his way to be kind to others. 

- My in-laws. I have lucked out. I know so many people who do not have a great relationship with their in laws. Not me! My in laws are wonderful. They are kind and helpful. 

- My husband. He bugs me like no other. He isn't perfect and I'm not either but we make it work. We are a team. I can't wait  to see the father he will become! 

- My Bogart. I get so emotional about him. He was my very first baby. I do worry that his life will change so much and it breaks my heart. I worry he will not understand the new baby coming into his life and I blame myself for not being a good enough dog mom. He is getting older and I hope he is happy.

- My Friends. They are honestly so much more than friends. They are family to me! Their support goes beyond just a friendship. 

- Little baby lamp chop. Thinking back to how hard the holidays were last year was after losing our first baby I am so very thankful we have a healthy baby growing. The movement I feel each day is beyond words. The feeling of never being alone. This baby will make his or her arrival right after the holidays. I can't think of a better way to extend the holidays! 

- Our home. I am thankful for my home! I love having a place to plant my feet, mark the growth of my children, celebrate holidays, form traditions and keep my family together, have family dinners. To me it is so much more than a shelter from the cold. It stand for my husband and my compromise and our team work. 

On a much lighter note...

- Hot coffee in the morning. 

- Hallmark holiday movies

- Good people who do good things!

- Chocolate Almond Milk

- Hugs!

- Extra firm pillows

- Automatic car starters and car seat warmers.

- Pinterest! 

Whether you are traveling or staying home this week I  hoping you will be all have a fabulous time indulging on turkey and stuffing with the ones you love!

Happy Thanksgiving! 

Friday, November 22, 2013

Happies and Crappies

The Vintage Modern Wife: Happies and Crappies Link Up


- It's Friday and I am ready for a 3 day weekend! 

- Going to start my Christmas shopping tonight. I am usually done by Thanksgiving so I need to get my butt in gear just in case some one shows up a little early this year. 

- My OB appointment went really well yesterday. Baby is right on target. Size is good. Heartbeat is strong. My blood pressure is perfect and so is my weight! 

- Thanksgiving is less than a week away! It's my first Thanksgiving in 6 years NOT on Weight Watchers. I'm getting scared!!! 

- I ordered a dress from ASOS last week. I was so pleased with the customer service. The order arrived so quickly, the price was excellent and the dress is beautiful. I'm so happy! 

- Bogart is doing so well as we baby train him. We are trying word association with him. Each time we use the word baby we give him a treat. We make sure we say "baby" around anything baby related. 

- I finally got an iPhone this week. My LG smartphone bit the dust Tuesday and I got a 4S for FREE!!!! YAY! 

- On the 50th anniversary of the assassination of President Kennedy I prepare to do something nice for some one. It always makes you feel better to help some one in need! 


- Saying crappies always reminds me of Frappies and I think I really want a Frappacino!

- Am I the only one who is having trouble pinning anything to my blog. WTF?!?! I'm so confused. Some one help.

- I've been us since 4am. I'm already exhausted and I haven't even showered for work. UGH!

- I've been really dizzy lately. At my OB they told me I was anemic. They have had these results since my last blood test on October 10th. Over a month later!!! I was pretty pissed about that. My office is usually awesome but this let me down. I need to add lots of extra iron and iron supplements to my diet in order to start feeling better. 

- A local family lost everything in a fire last weekend. I drive past the house daily and it breaks my heart. I can't help but cry. A single mom with 3 kids lost their home and dog in one night. A local gym is doing a collection for them. I'm going shopping for them this year. Usually I donate during the holidays but this hits so close to home. I'm looking forward to getting them some gift cards, food and some health and beauty supplies. Once again, it reminds me how lucky and thankful I am for all I have. 

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Darn You Hallmark Count Down To Christmas


I LOVE the Hallmark Channel's Countdown to Christmas. I love holiday movies! I believe Hallmark started playing Christmas movies the day after Halloween. I've been addicted this year. I will watch movies I've seen before and I'm not sorry! It has actually been great because I rarely sleep through the night any longer and they are always on! Problem is I can't wait for Christmas. I have barely thought about Thanksgiving this year. Now, don't get me wrong I have not decorated the house or put the tree up yet but it won't be much longer. It can't be all that bad being in the Christmas spirit for a little longer than usual! I have started shopping already and getting some DIY ideas ready! This holiday season will be a busy one. My brother is getting married in 2 weeks and preparing for a baby's arrival just 1 week after New Years will make for a hectic time so I'm just going to savor the little extra time.

The Most Wonderful Time of The Year


A Christmas Wish

Christmas Magic
- Matchmaker Santa
- Fallen Angel
- The Christmas Card
- A Holiday Engagement
- Christmas with Holly
Plus so many more!

I can't be the only one! Do you tend to get addicted to Hallmark movies?
What are your favorite to watch on the Hallmark Channel?

Wednesday, November 20, 2013


It seems like everywhere we turn the last few weeks we can't break free from the memories of the assassination on John F. Kennedy and all the talk for conspiracy theories. With the 50th anniversary approaching on Friday it's difficult to break free from the memories of Chamelot. I am one who has always been intrigued by the Kennedy family. Not so much the assassination and conspiracy theories behind it but for who they were. Not only for their beauty but for what the Kennedy family stood for. Their beliefs on peace and equal rights were way before their time.







There are so many movies out there based on the assassination  of President Kennedy. Not many times do I find them to any more interesting than the last one I watched. However, last week I watched Parkland and found it to be one of the more interesting movies. Parkland is based on what occurs at Parkland Hospital the day of the assassination. Parkland dives into the perspectives of ordinary people who where involved some way into the aftermath of the assassination. The cast was excellent. I would definitely recommend it. 

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

BUMPDATE- 32 Weeks!

What I'm wearing:
Sweater: Hopes Collection, last year, non maternity
Top: Motherhood Maternity
Jeans: Although not shown are Old Navy, non maternity with a belly band

How Far Along: 32 weeks and 4 days.

Baby is the size of: Baby G is the size of a

Total Weight Gain: Ugh, I'm up 30.

Sleep: Is still not good. I'm basically on the couch every night. I tried the bed for the first time in 2 weeks and it was a disaster. I hurt a lot in the bed and my snoring kept my husband awake. It is back to couch sleeping. It has it's upside. I get to watch Hallmark Christmas movies at 3am when I can't sleep.

Best Moment of the week:

* We found a girls name.If you missed it yesterday here it is. 
* The girls at work surprised me with a baby shower on Friday! They did such a lovely job! They got all the children to color favors and  write me little messages on diapers! 

* We finished putting the cradle together.It's the cradle Brian's mom got when she had his older sister. All of Brian's cousins and even our nephews slept in it. Lots of generations of babies have slept here. 

* Baby moves so much. I'm loving every minute of it. It wakes me up at night and most nights I sit up and talk to baby as he or she moves! It's our special time together. 
* My best friend and I had a great girl's day on Saturday. We took time for ourselves and got a pedi. My feet feel so much better than they did. 
Worst Moment of the Week:
* I really can't complain. The sleep stinks and I'm tired a lot but I'm realizing there isn't much time left in this pregnancy and I need to savor it.

Miss Anything:
* I have had a strong craving for a dirty martini with blue cheese olives lately. That has been my go to drink for years and I'm missing the salty, yummy vodka this week.

Food Cravings:
*I'm craving food in general. Last week I ate so much at lunch. A personal pizza, english muffin and 3 cookies. I was a beast! It was ridiculous! 
*Oh and I can't get enough chocolate almond milk.

Anything make you queasy:
I have woken up several times this last week with a horrible reflux. I feel like I'm vomitting in my mouth. So gross. So sorry for the overshare. At first it was only when I would eat ice cream. It happens all the time now.

Have you started to show? Oh yes!

Gender: Surprise baby!!!


*Swelling has come back with a vengence!!! My feet were actually swollen around the tops of my socks the other night. It was pretty funny to look at! The nurse at work thinks I'm not drinking enough water in combination with wearing the belly band or jeans that cut into my tummy. (Baby is so low I can't find pants that fit low enough with out falling off my butt and showing off crack)
*NESTING like a nut case! 

Workouts: Just walking and moving. The more I move the less stiff I get and the less I hurt.

Mood: I'm still really hormonal. I have noticed it's less crying and a little more yelling. Oops!  

Looking forward to:

* Meeting baby! We are getting so close!
* Thanksgiving with family, turkey and all the fixings! 

Maternity Clothes: A good mix of maternity pants. I've been really lucky to still wear non maternity shirts and not have to invest in a lot of new pieces. I'm actually wearing my belly band with non maternity jeans as well.

Stretchmarks: Nothing yet. Thank goodness!

Rings on or off? Depends on the day.

Bellybutton in or out? Still holding strong as an in!

This week I:
* Went to a charity event with my husband. It was nice getting out.

* Treated myself to a pedi!
* Finished our thank you cards.
* Finished our Christmas cards. We won't be sending them out till after Thanksgiving.

Baby Update:

* Baby's head is still very low but we are monitoring closely. I have an appointment on Thursday to see if anything has changed.  
* Baby has fingernails, toenails, and hair is forming on his or her head.
* Baby moves around all the time and especially late at night while I sleep. It usually wakes me up because my tummy shakes so much! 
* I've noticed baby moves more when music plays or when I lay on my left side. We have played lots Pandora Lullaby station for baby. Baby loves it!!! So does mommy. I fell asleep singing "Rainbow Connection" the other night.  

Monday, November 18, 2013

We Have a Name

A few weeks back I had posted about the difficulty we were having agreeing on a name for our little girl. You can read about our decision for a boy and the difficulty with a girl HERE.

Well, we have finally made a decision! About 2 weeks ago I heard a name and immediately fell in love. I looked up the meaning and then fell even more in love with the name.  I texted Brian and shortly after his text back to me was "LOVE IT". I followed that up with the meaning of the name and he quickly agreed that it was the one.

 If Baby G is a girl her name will be:


The origin of Willow is German and means peaceful and resolute.
Willow trees are known for their grace, flexibility and resilience.
I just love it.
Now all we have to hope for is sticking with it. It has been a few weeks so I think we are all set. 
What do you think?

Thursday, November 14, 2013

What To Wear... My Brother's Wedding

My brother is getting married in less than a month and I need to find something quick. I'm afraid to by anything because by the time the wedding comes I'll be 9 months pregnant. I feel like a big growth spurt is going to happen any day now.

I'd really like to go low key and not spend a fortune. I'd really like to avoid anything over $50. Does that sound cheap?!?! Sorry, I'm not sorry. I just can't see myself spending a fortune on a dress I'll never wear again!

I've seen a bunch of really cute dresses on ASOS but their largest size in most dresses are 14. I'm worried they may not fit! Before the bump I was a 14 especially on top so I'm concerned. I may order a couple of dresses because they have no shipping both ways. Has anyone ordered from them? Do the sizes run true?

Here are just a few that I'm loving:

Which one do you like?
Does anyone have any other suggestions on places to shop?

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Bumpdate- 31 Weeks

How Far Along: 31 weeks and 4 days. 

Baby is the size of: Baby G is the size of a pineapple. That just seems sooooo big.

Total Weight Gain: Ugh, I'm up 30. 

Sleep:  Is still not good. I'm basically on the couch every night. It's much easier for me to maneuver myself on the couch than it is in bed. I've also been snoring like crazy due to the extra weight and congestion. 

Best Moment of the week:

* Everything is feeling better these days. The last few weeks were tough but i'm feeling so much better these days. 
* Spending time and savoring my time spent with my husband this weekend. 

Worst Moment of the Week: 
* I really can't complain. The sleep stinks and I'm tired a lot but I'm realizing there isn't much time left in this pregnancy and I need to savor it. 

Miss Anything:
* Not really. 

Food Cravings: For the first time in my life I craved a steak over the weekend and it was DELICIOUS. 

Anything make you queasy: Nothing.

Have you started to show? Oh yes! 

Gender: Surprise baby!!! 

Symptoms: Swelling has come back, trouble sleeping, soreness. 

Workouts: Not a thing. 

Mood: I'm still really hormonal. 

Looking forward to: 

* Meeting baby! We are getting so close! 

Maternity Clothes: A good mix of maternity pants. I'm still loving non maternity dresses over leggings. My best friend gave me her maternity jeans from Old Navy. Since baby is riding so low all my maternity jeans were cutting into my belly and it was so uncomfortable. Her jeans are amazing and I can't stop wearing them. 

Stretchmarks: Nothing yet. Thank goodness! 

Rings on or off? Depends on the day. 

Bellybutton in or out? Still holding strong as an in!

This week I: 
* Returned our MamaRoo and we have been playing with it since. We love the iPhone adapter and we have already started playing lullabies on Pandora. 

* Put our hospital bags together. 
* We purchased our first batch of reusable diapers. We are excited to try them out. I've read a lot of great articles on all the benefits of using them. 

* Unrelated to pregnancy I'm already addicted to Hallmark movies. I'm already in the Christmas spirit. 

Baby Update:

* Baby's head is still very low but at my appointment last week he is happy that the baby hasn't dropped any more. 
* Baby's senses are all working together. 
* Lots of brain and nerve growth. 
* Baby moves around all the time and especially late at night while I sleep. It usually wakes me up because my tummy shakes. 
* I've noticed baby moves more when music plays or when I lay on my left side. 

Monday, November 11, 2013

The Nicest Thing...

Today, although a Monday, I woke up feeling really refreshed and happy. Yes, it is a holiday and I'm the only one bouncing off to work but that hasn't gotten me down either. It's all because the simplest of things happened last night between my husband and I.

Back track a few weeks; things haven't been easy. I have mentioned here before my husband and I are a real couple. We argue, we fight, we do wrong by one another and we say things that aren't the nicest. Deep down we love one another with all we are and all we have to give. Recently, with pregnancy hormones I have been on his butt about everything. Each little thing he does irks me like you wouldn't believe. We have our ups and downs but that is who we are.

Flash forward to yesterday we had went shopping for baby things and prego things. Brian pretty much hates any type of shopping so the majority of the time he spent on his phone. On our way home Brian mentioned I had a phone up-grade with Verizon and I should use it now that the Iphone 5C and 5S have been out for a few weeks. I agreed to stop in but I really could care less about what phone I have. My phone is an LG smart phone. I've had it for 2 years. It works. It gets the job done. I have no reason or desire for a new one.  Don't laugh but I'm still using my 2nd generation; 2gb ipod from 2006. So while we were browsing I told Brian to take my upgrage and get himself a new Iphone. He was elated.

After we made the purchase we went next door for dinner at Outback. While we were at dinner, and as he was focused on his new toy I told him I was glad he was happy. I was glad I could do something simple for him that would make him happy. Brian looked up at me and said "Stuff like this doesn't make me happy. You make me happy."

It was one of the nicest things he has ever said.
It really made me feel loved.

Friday, November 8, 2013


The Vintage Modern Wife: Happies and Crappies Link Up


- Had an excellent doctor's appointment yesterday. We are down to an appointment every 2 weeks. This pregnancy is flying by. Even when I complain about things that are uncomfortable I will miss being pregnant. It has been a blessing.

- Brian's company invited all significant others to their upcoming charity event. That never happens. Brian always gets to go to great charity events and I finally get to take part. I'm not sure how a "Blue Jean Ball" is going to be. Sounds interesting. 

- Only 9 weeks until munchkin makes their arrival! We have gotten so much done. I'm actually surprised that 2 procrastinators like us have gotten so much stuff done!!! 

- Im going to a Mia Bath and Body Party tonight. I'm hoping to make some personalized scents and spoil myself a little bit. 


-Working tomorrow!!! BOOO! 

- My mom had surgery this week. She is doing ok but feels terrible. I feel so bad!

- I joined a swap and my goodies haven't gotten here yet so I'm unable to link up with everyone today. 

- We got the MamaRoo from my parents and the darn thing is broken so we have to take it back. Annoying!!! 

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend. 

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Bump Date- 30 Weeks

How Far Along: 30 weeks and 4 days. 

Baby is the size of: Baby G is the size of a cucumber. Baby is about  15 to 16 inches and weighs around 3.8 pounds. 

Total Weight Gain: Ugh, I'm up 20ish. I'm sure I'll know if it went up much more at my appointment Thursday. 

Sleep:  Is just terrible. Most days I get less than 5 hours of sleep. Every time I move during sleep it wakes me up. Plus, this dumb cough just won't go away. I feel like I'm just walking around in a fog. I keep thinking I'm forgetting things and honestly can't remember simple stuff any longer.  

Best Moment of the week:

* We finished all the big things in the baby's room. All we have to do is decorate. I have to find some prints on Etsy that go with are theme and then find some gender specific ones for when baby comes. 
* Getting to spend the weekend with my parents for my dad's birthday! 

Worst Moment of the Week: 
* I spent almost half the night on the maternity floor for monitoring last Wednesday due to some severe back pains.  Apparently this baby is a low rider and sits very low. We are keeping a close eye on it but it's making me such a nervous mess. I wrote more in depth about it here.  

* I am generally feeling defeated. I worry about so much all the time. I know it isn't good for the baby and I try to relax but I'm always second guessing myself and thinking I'm not good enough or won't be good enough. 

Miss Anything:
* It sounds simple but I miss shopping for clothes. I've always been a shop-o-holic. Can't wait to really shop for the baby! 

Food Cravings: Anything sweet!!!

Anything make you queasy: Nothing.

Have you started to show? Oh yes! Got home from work last night and my husband says "Wow, you're getting big" Thanks for the support!!! 

Gender: Surprise baby!!! 

Symptoms: Pressure, well you know where, back pain. 

Workouts: Not a thing. 

Mood: I'm a hormonal mess. If you read the post I referred to up above you probably know why.

Looking forward to: 

* Meeting baby! We are getting so close! 

Maternity Clothes: A good mix of maternity pants. I'm still loving non maternity dresses over leggings. Leggings are my BEST FRIEND!

Stretchmarks: Nothing yet. Thank goodness! I'm starting to itch though so I feel them coming. 

Rings on or off? Depends on the day. 

Bellybutton in or out? Still holding strong as an in but I have a feeling that will be changing very soon. 

This week I: 
* Finished up on the nursery. 

* Got the MamaRoo from my parents. The darn thing is defective and I have to bring it back. 

Baby Update:
* Baby's head is very low but not causing any other issues besides back pain. 
* Baby's skin is getting smoother. 
* Baby is strong enough to grasp a finger.