Wednesday, March 30, 2016


Happy Wednesday folks. Linking up with Confessions of a Northern Belle today.

I confess I barely ever make dinner any more. Over the summer we started using Hello Fresh and recently switched over to Blue Apron after lots of Hello Fresh mess ups. However, I did make this pot of deliciousness last night and I can't get enough. The entire house smelled delicious yesterday. I can't wait for leftovers for lunch!


I confess I made out like a bandit at Walmart yesterday on post Easter goodies. I just love to see 50% off sales! We picked up M&Ms because they are potty training magic. Plain decorative eggs to paint next year and some Reese's' Peanut Butter Cups for yours truly because I have no self control.

I got a Fit Bit for my birthday last week and I confess that I am OBSESSED!!! It's the greatest thing I've ever owned. I'm so happy to see what I'm doing each day and trying to outdo myself each day makes me feel good!

 I confess that I've been a little bit upset. My husband did not get the promotion he had went for a few weeks back. No one in his company did so he is really disappointed too. The staff in the corporate sector really made him believe he was a shoe in for it. I was already looking at houses and planning so much. It's a let down and I can't help feel bad for him.

I confess I've been hiding a little something. It's not much of a surprise if you follow me on Instagram.  We are 14 weeks along with Baby G #2! Our hearts are full.

Have a wonderful day!

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Birthday Day!

Today is my birthday. Yep, my 36th birthday! How can I feel so old but not so old all at the same time? It's crazy. I feel like I was just 23 and partying with friends and now I'm in bed before 10 and up before the sun! Time just seems to fly by the older I get!


A few weeks back I saw this awesome birthday post by Stephanie and was completely inspired. To celebrate her birthday she wrote a post about the best things in her life that are free. The best things in life are free and here are my things: 

- Cuddling with Jack

- Sunday dinner with my family

- Watching Jack and other kids playing and enjoying themselves at the park.

- The smell of hyacinths in the spring

- Sand between my toes. 

- A freshly washed comforter

- The filling the last word in a crossword puzzle or number in a sudoku puzzle. 

- Sitting on my back deck after dark with a glass of wine.  

- The smell of rain on a hot summer day. 

- Inside jokes with your best friend

- The first day of spring when you don't have to wear a coat!

- Seeing how happy Jack makes other people. 

- Beating the time set on your GPS

- Looking at old photo albums 

- Your favorite song on the radio

- Dogs! Doggie kisses, doggie cuddles, doggie EVERYTHING! 

- A thank you from a complete stranger

- Jack hugs! 

- Hearing good news about people who truly deserve it. 

These are just a few of the things that make me happy and they don't cost a penny. I intend on spending today with my favorite toddler. I took the day off and the weather looks amazing. It's going to be a park day for us and we may do a little shopping. 

What are some of the best things in your life for free! 

Friday, March 11, 2016

Oh Hey Friday

Happy Friday Friends. With spring upon us and the weekend around the corner I can't help but be excited about it.

- It's March!!! Finally! Bring on the green grass, flowers, days at the park, St. Paddy's Day and Easter! I'm so ready for Spring. Nothing makes me happier than that first day of not having to wear a winter coat. This year we went right from the coat to the tank tops this week!


- Jack has shown a lot of interest in baby dolls lately. He never liked stuffed animals or showed interest in them. Last week he went shopping with my mom and begged he for a baby in a carriage. The only reason she didn't get it was because it was $40. The other day while shopping with me I picked one up for him. I have nothing against boys playing with dolls and actually thinks its great to teach them how to care for something else. (We have been asking daddy for a new dog too. That may also help.) Plus, its a nice departure from the constant trains!

- Fuller House- Oh my goodness! Brings back so many memories. I just wish that Netflix would have run some of the original episodes. Growing up I loved Full House on Friday nights and remember the first episode so vividly. I have to admit that some of the weird jokes make me cringe. It's kind of strange. Am I the only one? I'm really wishing that it would get better. I'm trying to avoid binge watching like I usually do.

- The Walking Dead- Yep, my husband and I are hooked. He started watching it on Netflix a few weeks ago and we are hooked. We were up till 3am on Saturday watching. It's like we can't stop! How did I wait this long!?!?

- The best news of all is a new baby, our family welcomed my new cousin Noah into the world during the early hours of the morning. He's so new we don't even have a picture yet!

What are you're favorites this week?
Hope you had a great week and have an even better weekend.

Thursday, March 10, 2016

Dreams Of Our Forever Home


We have been living in our townhouse since 2010. We bought it when the market was pretty low and got a good deal on it.  We weren't married or even engaged yet. It was perfect for the two of us. In the last 6 years we have grown as a family and its just not working for us any longer. Although I love our home I really want a house of our own. Our neighbors are ok, the neighborhood is nice but there is just something about having a home of our own.

My husband recently applied for a promotion at his job. He has to wait until the end of March before we find out. Brian would be making a lot more money each year which means we could sell our townhouse and hopefully buy something a little larger. We have our fingers and toes crossed he get this promotion. The promotion won't be easy. It will be pretty tough on him and his hours/days will change but he is prepared for it and even excited about it.

A few things that have been driving me crazy about our townhouse as we've been here for 6 years. First off we only have 2 bedrooms. Although Jack's room is large, has 2 closets and it's own bathroom it is just not big enough for more than one child. He has so much and so many toys they have taken over his room and our basement which has now become our makeshift playroom The only problem is we kind of hate our basement. It's underground and just blah! Another thing, we have an eat in kitchen but no dining room. This makes it impossible for us to host any type of holiday for our large families. We have a lot of square footage but its split on 3 floors. Living in a townhouse community we are stuck with common charges and our development has really been slipping on what they are doing to maintain the exterior even though we pay a ton of money is fees.

Things I'm looking for in a new house:

- A dining room.

- 3 or even 4 bedrooms

- 2.5 or more bathrooms

- Somewhat updated home

- Hardwood flooring- so much better for Jack's lungs

-Spacious entry way

- A garage

- Outdoor/ backyard space preferably something we can fence in and get a dog...shhh! Don't tell my husband.

- Front porch with room for a rocker or swing- Big dreams!!!! 

I'm a big fan of craftsman style homes which are almost impossible to find in my part of NJ. We are the land of split ranch houses. I love them and almost everyone I know lives in one but they aren't my first choice. We also live in an area where there are tons of lake homes that were once 3 season homes and converted so it's difficult time find anything craftsman.

No matter what we are so lucky to have a roof over our head. If we don't get a chance to move I still believe we are the luckiest. We have each other and that is all we need. Please keep us in your thoughts and send us good wishes that my husband gets this promotion and we can start searching for our dream home.

Wednesday, March 9, 2016


It's time for this week's version of I Confess along with Confessions of a Northern Belle. 

First off I have to confess I have become a Walking Dead ADDICT. It's quite bad actually. Back when it first premiered we watched the first episode and never watched again. Two weeks ago I got home from my parent's house to find Brian completely immersed in the first season on Netflix. I got hooked. We were up till all hours of the night this weekend and we are already on season 5! This show is so addicting. The cliffhangers get me all the time! It reminds me a lot of Breaking Bad and how addicted I got to that too. Oh, AMC what are you doing to me!?!?! 
We are total addicts! 
Anyone else? 


It's March so it is officially Easter time around here. I already got all of Jack's Easter goodies, decorations are up. I don't care if it's supposed to snow this week it is still spring time for me. I'm loving every second of it. Plus March is my birthday month so I'm extra happy it's here! 

Since it's Easter time I should probably confess my addiction for jelly beans. I don't want any of those black licorice ones. I want the sour Jelly Belly, Starburst and Jolly Rancher. They are not safe around me this time of year! 

Moms at the park. I have to say that I can't stand the majority of the mom's at our local park. Seriously, WATCH YOUR KID!!!! Just because your  child is older doesn't mean you can sit on a bench 20 feet away, drinking your coffee and talking on the phone. Your 5 year old is trampling all the little kids and pushing them around. I don't want to sound like a jerk but come on. Watch your child. Even more than watching your child, have fun with them. Play with them. Let them enjoy your company! Time is so precious!!!!

What are some of your confessions this week? 

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

My Birthday Wish List

I may have mentioned that my birthday happens to be at the end of March. I've mentioned before I never really ask for anything for my birthday or any holiday. I always like to create a little wish list. It's kind of a dream wish list although this year is a bit different. My husband asked a while back if I'd like a FitBit after he bought them for his parent's for Christmas. I asked him to hold off until my birthday. So I'm still hoping he remembers that conversation and I get one for my birthday.

Here is my little birthday wish list.


- Truth be told I already bought myself a teal handbag with a gift card I got for Christmas. I'm absolutely in love with it.

- I am in desperate need of a mani and pedi!

- I'd love a pair or strappy sandals for the summer. These are just too cute.

- Everyone is having a Keep Collective party on FB these days. They are super cute but just like all the Alex and Ani bracelets I never wear I should really avoid any more!

- Sunglasses. I have a pair that I adore. I got them at Marshalls years ago for only $10 and surprisingly they have held up so well. I am in need of back up pair.

Thursday, March 3, 2016

Jack says...

This toddler of mine cracks me up most of the time. Besides the attitude and the constant craziness toddlers are really darn cool. Lately, he is full of stories too. Some of them true and some of them, not so much, but still pretty darn funny to listen too.He's turned into such a boy and less of a baby everyday. When we take walks he walks the whole way with us rather than in the stroller. He finds things humorous and laughs at the appropriate times. I really like spending my time with my crazy little man.

Here are some of my favorite Jack sayings-

"Help Ju"- Which means Help Me

"Fun Cake"- Cupcakes

"Faffles with dip dip"- Waffle with syrup

"Oopsie Daze"- Whenever anything falls, he trips or throws something.

"O-gurt"- Yogurt

"Uh-sayres"- Upstairs

"Frinkles"- Sprinkles

"Buddies"- Annie's Fruit Snacks

"He flash"- Means he splashes

"Humpy-Dumbee"- He means Humpty Dumpty and those are a method we use in swim class to get him to fall into the pool.

"Roll ova"- Anytime something falls

"I got me"- He yells this when he tackles or hugs me. '"

"I FINE"- Whenever I tell him to be careful or ask to change his diaper

"Up da hill, down da hill"- He says this whenever anything goes up or down.

Those are just a few of my favorites, but I honestly love listening to him talk and could listen all day long. If I give him something he says "Ju Welcome" instead of "Thank you". It is really funny.  We’re working on it though.  If you ask him where someone or something is, he will look at you and say "They working" except for my retired dad. When I ask where his Pop is he will say "He's sleeping". He loves chatting on the phone and really loves FaceTime. If some one does answer the call he says "They sleeping". He tells me about his day when I get home from work and most of the time he rats his cousin out for crying and having temper tantrums; "Ryan cries. Ryan says I don't want it" and he usually laughs about it. He can be so fresh. He loves talking about my in laws dogs and gives me the play by play on how many treats he gives them and if Daisy, the puppy, steals his toys. Recently he saw a squirrel that fell on my in law's deck and he told the story over and over as he laughs his little behind off. 

Toddlers are tough but they are so much fun. 
I feel so blessed! 

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

What I'm Pinning Lately

Today I'm changing things up from my usual Wednesday post. Many years ago I always posted with Michelle and Pinteresting Wednesday. Sadly, that link up is no more but I've recently found another link up with Jenn from going the Distance. Check back next week for my confessions.

Here is what I'm pinning lately.







Can you tell I'm having total spring fever?