Friday, September 4, 2015

Anybody Out There?!?!

Well, I have officially been out of the blog loop for just over 2 months. I haven't written a post and I haven't even read a blog in months. In all actuality it was unintentional but I also feel like it was a godsend. In the 2 months I've been away from the blog world I realized what blogging was doing to me. I got caught up in the stress of feeling as if blogging was another job in addition to my full time job and being Jack's mommy. I also found myself getting stuck in the world of comparison. The blog world is a such a pretty and perfect place and it reminded me of my not so pretty and imperfect life. It started to get me me down. The break was a good thing. I was able to focus on a lot of other things with my down time and there was less pressure. That is always a good thing. With all of that being said I don't necessarily want to quit blogging. I think I am just going to no take it too seriously anymore. I did miss following several of my favorite ladies. I will most likely catch up their lives here and there. In the meantime, for those of you who still follow along I can offer a few updates on what has taken place this summer.

First off, Jack is doing pretty amazing. His health is excellent. He is a ball of energy and never stops! Not even to sleep at night! We are still struggling with getting Jack to sleep in his own bed. We set up his toddler bed in hopes it would get better but not so much. Jack loves to read, take walks, he is super social and just loves his dogs, cousins and friends. Jack has already started potty training. He initiated it last week and we couldn't be more proud. He will be 20 months old tomorrow. It is crazy how time flies!

We received terrible news this summer about my beloved Bogart. In August he started acting very sick. He began collapsing and panting. We rushed him to the hospital and we found out he has a tumor on the side of his heart. It is inoperable. The vet does not believe that chemotherapy would make him better. It may only extend his life 3 extra months. His prognosis is not good and he may only live another 2 or 3 months. It makes me so very sad. He has been with me for so many years. Over the last 12 years he has been with me from college graduation, many boyfriends (even scaring one away), marriage and a baby. He has taught Jack so much in the short time they have spent together and I will be forever grateful for all that he has done. Please keep my little Bogart in your thoughts.

Part of the reason why I found it difficult to blog was because I was having some issues with marriage. It has taken lots of soul searching and work to get us back on track. It will still take more but we are getting there. It's the real world and people have problems but no one really wants to hear about them on blogs and I couldn't stand to be fake so I just avoided it.

In other news; this summer I became an aunt again. I was a bridesmaid in my cousin's wedding. I hurt my back terribly and turns out its a herniated disc. I got a different position at work and I am in LOVE with it! My hours are much better and I get to spend lots of time with Jack. I've been able to cook for him and eat dinner with him each night. It's pretty great.

If you're still here and reading, Thank You!