Sunday, November 7, 2010

Dress shopping

I don't know if all brides feel confused and overwhelmed the first time they go dress shopping. I'd like to think I wasn't the only one. Yesterday was some what enjoyable but not the oh la la that I had thought it would be. I was lucky enough that all the dresses fit me so my fear of being to fat for fittings was thrown to the wind. For the first hour I felt as if no one was understanding that I did not want the beads, poof and appliqu├ęs that most dresses seem to have. For a little while I even felt pressured to like those things. Nothing really wowed me. I think I may have given up the antique lace that I had wanted for just about ever. It was super uncomfortable, heavy and most of the antique feeling was lost because of all the beads and sequins. I tried one on that I actually liked but I didn't get the wow factor. I would love to post but pictures were not allowed in the shop. Grrr to that rule. Good news is the Pronovias dress I feel in love with at the bridal show is being sent over from Spain and will be at the shop after the holidays. Actually they ordered that dress and 11 others. SOOOOO EXCITING!

Friday, November 5, 2010

Dress shopping

Tomorrow, along with my mom and MOH, Amanda I will be trying on wedding gowns. This is my first try, well sorta. I went to a bridal show last month and saw a dress from  Pronovias I just couldn't resist. Turns out it was part of a trunk show that was being flown back to Spain the very next day. I had to try it on. It was amazing. I couldn't tell if I had "THAT FEELING" because it looked so pretty or if it was because I was in a wedding gown. Even my mom got chills but I have a feeling this will happen each time. I would love to post it but I still have a feeling it may be the one. I felt so thin in it! Trust me that NEVER happens. I'm a size 12 with lots of body image issues so to feel thin in a dress is shocking. Hoping it won't be a problem to order it from Spain.

I am so super nervous about tomorrow. As a size 12 I have this terrible feeling all the samples will be to small and I won't be able to try anything on. Two years ago I was a size 18 so I should feel excellent about my weight loss b/c a 12 is not fat by any means.  From what I heard most sample dresses are a size 10 and even run 2 sizes smaller. There is no way I think I'll be able to squeeze this behind in an 8. I don't think I've been an 8 since I was 8 years old. Fingers crossed I can try something on and it doesn't throw me into a fit of diet depression.

Here are a few dresses I seem to be geared towards:

(Courtesy of Augusta Jones)

I'm not to sure of the strapless nature of the dress but the beautiful Victorian lace and crystal sash catch my eye.

(Courtesy of The Knot and LaRichie Couture)
I am absolutely in LOVE with the embroidery on this dress but again strapless is not a good look for me.

(Courtesy of The Knot and Essense of Australia)

I find myself so into the one sleeve!
(Courtesy of The Knot and Jim Hjelm)
SERIOUSLY does Jim Hjelm do anything that isn't PERFECT. Here is only one his collection of amazing dresses. In love with everything about this dress except the price. I love the organza and the vintage lace. JIM, if you are out there I would do just about anything for you to reduce your price for little old me. HELP!!!
(Courtesy of Steven Birnbaum)

There is just something about this dress. its so vintage 1950's. I love it!!!!
(Courtesy of The Knot and Pronovias)
Here is another beauty from the Pronovias Collection (Not the one I tried on at the bridal show) I love the lines and the neckline. To think I could wear a real bra with a wedding dress would be heavenly!!! 

(Courtesy of DaVinci)

Love the organza and the sash. 

Clearly I am not the beads and bows kind of bride. The smaller and more understated dresses seem to catch my eye. I am hoping for a calm and relaxed adventure tomorrow. 
Wish me luck!!!

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Meeting with the photographer

Today we met with Linda from LB Photography. I had checked out some local photographers with reasonable prices and great work on line for a few weeks. Linda and her husband Peter's work really intrigued me. The colors really popped and it just caught my eye. When I met her today I was so surprised but she seemed so much like me. She had a lovely personality and seemed like a fun person to work with, even have a few beers with. I was so happy she brought even more of her work for Bri and I to look over. The meeting lasted almost two hours and was a lot of fun. She has excellent work with about 10 years experience and her prices seem well with in our budget. I just kinda wish we had an extra $450 for a photo booth for the day. The last wedding we went to had one and we all had so much fun with it. I may have to look at cutting some corners and getting this little addition into the budget.

On another note how AMAZING are these Sarah Seven Dresses?!?!?!


Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Cheers to my first attempt as a blogger

Well hello there friends (If there are really any of you reading),

Cheers to you! (I am toasting you all with my glass of Pinot Grigio). Thanks for stopping by. 

So this decision to start a pre wedding blog has been rattling around in my brain for about a month now. It felt as if the moment I got engaged I turned into an wedding freak that would only speak of wedding things; cake, colors, and venue, you get the idea, right?!?! I actually started annoying myself so I could only imagine how the ones closest to me felt! So here I have decided to let my wedding freak flag fly. I hope to share with all of you the fun, excitement, and planning that will become my wedding. I hope you read on!


(Personal Photo)
This is the first picture I ever took with Brian. Don't mind me I'm 60 pounds lighter. Thanks Weight Watchers! This picture cracks me up everytime! I love his expressions!