Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Wedding Wednesday- Being Charitable

Both Brian and I were hoping to give back at our wedding. We have found a few ways to be charitable.

In lieu of favors, Brian and I have decided to donate money to 2 of our favorite charities. Since we are both animal lovers we have decided to donate our favor money to the West Milford Animal Shelter and the Warwick Valley Humane Society Brian's dog, Bailey is a West Milford Shelter success story. Bailey was severely neglected before his original family lost their home due to foreclosure. Luckily Brian's family is good friends with the Mayor (who also runs the shelter and my officiate our wedding) and they were called to take Bailey only a few hours after he was given up. Bailey has adjusted very well since they took him in 3 years ago. Although the neglect he once suffered has taken a toll on his little body he remains a happy boy who gets lots of lovin, cuddles and food! Each of our tables will have a little card with pictures of several animals at the shelter in need of loving homes.We hope that our little donations will be able to impact the lives of some beautiful animals and maybe even get a few of them adopted.

Bailey soon after his adoption
A very happy Bailey these days. 

We have also decided to donate all of our bouquet flowers, centerpieces and decor to a local nursing home. Last summer when my grandfather was in a nursing home I noticed so many people had no visitors or even simple things like flowers to brighten up their rooms. Nursing homes can be such sad places. Hopefully our flowers bouquets can be given to residents who do not have. Our centerpieces are raised cake stands so the nursing home can use them for bingo prizes. (They are always looking for donations to give out for their bingo games.)

I'm just trying to figure out the nicest/classiest way to tell our guest to keep their mits of the merchandise. I have been to weddings where women were like centerpiece vultures stealing them off tables. I was even at a wedding where this woman stole the candleabra that belonged to the venue and the waitress had to chase her down. I got a chuckle out of that one.

What are some things you have given to charity or could donate after the wedding?


Young People in Love said...


I love his little muppet hair! Darling :)

NYC Recessionista said...

So wonderful, I love it -- such a great deed you'll be doing!

The Blue Envelope said...

Have you tried they have some awesome ideas for giving back!!

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