Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Wedding Wednesday Flowers

The next big wedding decision I have to make is in regards to our flowers! I'm visiting a local florist today. Hopefully I like her and she is in my price range. I'm some one who thinks all flowers are pretty so its been pretty hard to decide on what I really want. I'd like to stay with flowers that are local and in season to stay with in our budget (or maybe go under budget?!?) I also like the idea of a loose bouquet. Something that looks like I went into a field of wildflowers, picked my favorites and wrap them in pretty ribbon. I'm still having trouble on deciding if I want a real pop of color or go the more subdued, romantic route.

This is one I really like. I would probably want to replace the blue with some yellow and lavender. 

I love the Billy Buttons. I think we will add these to the guy's boutonnieres. 

Isn't this sweet? 

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Earl-Leigh said...

Flowers can make a wedding! For me it's all about the dress and the flowers (the groom too). I think that Billy Buttons would look amazing in the boutonnieres. I can't wait to see what you pick.

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