Friday, August 5, 2011

Fill in the Blank Friday!

Week over??? YESSSSSS! Thank goodness I haven't had a second to breathe. Work has been insane and I just feel so busy lately. I'm excited for the weekend. Its my mom's birthday and best friend's bridal shower. I have really wanted to show everyone what I got her but didn't want to ruin the surprise. I'll keep everyone posted on how great the weekend was!

Today I'm linking up with Lauren and The Little Things We Do for Fill in the Blank Friday. Go over and check her out!

1.   My go to outfit for a dress-up occasion like a wedding is       It always changes depending on the wedding. Last wedding I attended was very fancy so I wore a knee length satin dress. When I was heavier I ALWAYS wore black to hide myself. Now that I've lost 60 pounds I try to stay go with color!!!

2.  This week has been    BUSY, STRESSFUL, and Exhausting! 

3.  When it's dinnertime and I'm feeling lazy I'll usually eat     a Lean Cuisine. I'm pretty lucky b/c my fiancĂ© makes dinner for us. I usually don't get home from work until 7:30. 

4.  My favorite pair of shoes is   My over the knee black boots. Comfy and warm in the winter. They also make a lazy stretch pant outfit look more put together. 

5.  A random item that I own that is completely unnecessary, but that I could never part with is      Hmmm, this is a hard one. I really don't know what I have. I really only keep pictures that are really important to me. 

6.  My favorite person is      my mom and my fiancĂ©. 

7.  If I were going to write my own blank it would say       I enjoy filling in Lauren's blanks but I always enjoy reading the answers to everyone else's answers.  I would probably do seasonal questions about holidays, memories, favorite fashions. etc. 

Happy weekend everyone! 


Catherine said...

good answer with the lean cuisine! i totally eat them all the time. just found your blog through the link-up, i love it!

Anonymous said...

Hi I'm a new follower from Fill in the Blank!

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