Monday, August 15, 2011


Since my post earlier today my health has taken a pretty rotten turn. Initially I thought I had a nasty case of hives. I thought something caused an allergic reaction; food, new detergents, soap? I made an appointment with my dermatologist because I was so uncomfortable. Throughout the day I also felt very tired, and my throat became kinda sore.

So here is the disgusting part.... I have what the dermatologist called Strep induced Psoriasis. Apparently I have a raging streptococcal infection working its way through my body causing these painful spots. Apparently the strep infection causes intense stress on the immune system and that can leave you susceptible to something like this. It comes on suddenly. Mine just started this weekend.

If you are counting this makes it 2 times I have had step this year. I work with kids who just love to pass on their germs. I've been prescribed 4 different antibiotics. Unlucky for me 3 won't be in until tomorrow at noon. :( My Dr also wants me out in the sun with no sun screen. I guess I have to sit out topless. I should have told her that is not happening. I am not about to make the neighbors go blind.

I feel like crap.
I'm cuddled on the couch extremely uncomfortable.

Just me and my Zpak
Hope that every one else's day wasn't as craptastic as this

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The Vintage Modern Bride said...

aww i'm so sorry! i hope you feel better and the zpak works quick!

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