Thursday, September 15, 2011

Wedding...The fellas

Like I mentioned yesterday I am finally getting back to wedding planning. I contacted all my vendors again. I have the big stuff completed I just have all the little details to figure out.

I'm waiting on invitation samples. I need some advice; I love children but we have decided it will be an adult only function. I want to put it some where on the invite because we have some very pushy family members who expect their children to attend everything. I am hoping by adding it something like "adult reception to follow" will make it clear. Is that tacky? What do you think or what is a better way to say it?

Anyways, lets get to the plan of the day, THE GUYS!

My oh so handsome fiance will be wearing this charcoal Italian wool suit from Bonobos. I won this from an awesome online giveaway. Thank you Project Wedding

Our groomsmen will be wearing black suits but matching ties with Bri. This is the only one that has caught my eye. I'm actually having a difficult time finding ties I like. Yellow and green are our colors. Since the girls are wearing green, celadon. I like the idea of having the guys wearing yellow as a nice contrast but I do love the green.

I love these

Groomsmen gifts with the guys names printed on the backs. Request made my brother. I think we may add   a bottle of their favorite liquor too. 

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Molly said...

I recently received an invitation for a friend's wedding that said, "adult invitation to follow." I think it's very tasteful and classy.

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