Monday, October 24, 2011

Being In The Right Place At The Right TIme

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Yesterday something crazy happened. On the way home from softball B and I witnessed a motorcycle accident. YIKES, so scary. We watched as a car hit two men on two bikes. What happened next was kinda crazy but I jumped into action, took off out of the car and ran to help. Stupid move, because I did not even look before I crossed the highway. I don't remember thinking. I have been CPR and First Aid certified for 10 years and just did my recertification Wednesday. When I got to the two guys one was ok. I couldn't believe how calm he was because his leg was BROKEN! Oh it looked terrible. The other guy was not doing as well he moving around and screaming in pain. I wanted to stabilize his neck because he was able to tell me he had upper body pain. I used my sweatshirt and another responder's sweatshirt to stabilize his neck into place. I calmed him down the best I could. We talked until everyone arrived to help. He told me his name was Mike and it was the first ride since his bike was in an Irene flood.

Another gentleman ran over to ask if I was EMS, (nope)! I cant deny it because I did feel really good when he told me I was doing great and all the right things. When the police and EMS arrived I was lucky to continue helping Mike. I could definitely tell he had a dislocated shoulder and his elbow and arm were clearly broken. His screaming made me so nauseous. Its so terrible to hear someone in such pain. They took Mike and his friend to a local hospital. We spoke with the police afterward and made our report. He made a point to say that he is always grateful to people who are there to respond in emergencies. He said most officers he knows are not good with any type of first aid or even comforting others. As we left Mike's friends thanked us and that was a great feeling.

I probably won't ever see the two men I helped yesterday but I'm happy to know they will be ok! Being able to participate in helping some one is a really awesome feeling. It was definitely an adrenaline rush. There were a lot of good people there yesterday willing to help a complete stranger. I hope if anything were to happen to anyone I love there would be good people like that to help them.

Sending healing wishes to Mike and his friend!


Holly said...

What a feeling to be able to help in a time of need! You are so incredibly brave! Hope everyone involved is ok. Great inspiration, thanks for sharing :)

-Holly @ Eight Six Eleven

Alyssa said...

this is amazing.. i dont think i would have acted quiet the way you did but it's awesome to know that there are people like you that are there for people when they need someone :)

Suze said...

How awful for them but how lucky you were there! Sounds like you did an AWESOME job and they will always remember that and be grateful.

My dad was paralyzed in a car accident when he was in high school. When he was older, he was in a huge pile up on the highway. He couldn't get out and a witness to the accident pulled him out of the car before it caught on fire. We don't know who it was, but we will always be thankful to them for their kindness and bravery.

You're like that person to Mike and his friend and an inspiration to me. :)

Julie said...

Your post actually had me in tears. Motorcycle accidents are a sore subject for me as that's how my dad died. I can only imagine how thankful these men's families were to have you there to help them in their moment of need.
It's good to know that there are people out there who's first instinct is to help. And while you're right, you probably won't ever see them again, you should definitely know they'll always remember "that girl who helped them right after that jerkface hit them"!

amy b.s. said...

oh my gosh how amazing! thank you for helping.

Krysten @ Why Girls Are Weird said...

That is absolutely AWESOME! Motorcycle accidents always hit a nerve with me because my friend Jake died a little over a year ago while riding his bike. It was an absolute accident but every time I hear a motorcycle accident story it just freaks me out!

iris said...

Oh man, that sounds terrifying! And yet, a little bit uplifting, too. Stomach churning. I'm glad everyone will make it out okay!

Popcorn, Pugs & Peonies said...

Kristina, this is such a wonderful thing that you did. I really hope these men make a speedy recovery.


REBrown said...

So crazy! I'm glad you were able to help out.

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