Sunday, October 2, 2011

Steppin out Saturday-A week delayed

Apologies but I was sick and worked tons last week. Before I knew it Saturday and Sunday were gone. So here is my SOS from LAST Saturday.

Although I have only been part of Stepping out Saturday for a very short time I have seen a huge difference in the way I get dressed. I have definitely stepped out of the normal comfort zone of jeans and cotton shirts. All the awesome participants have helped me to put outfits and accessories together. I chose my clothes and shop for completely different articles of clothes at many different spots.  It feels like a great path and I hope to continue with this awesome venture.

So here you have it. Last weekend Brian and I stepped out to the Hoboken Arts and Music Festival.
Amazing food, vendors and music. We had a wonderful day.

Dress- F21, maybe just a little to short?
Sweater- Target
Belt and Purse- NY and Co
Necklace- Francesca's Collection
Shoes- Mandee???
Headband- Seek First
Starbucks Passion Fruit Shaken Tea Lemonade (My favorite) and a free purple doggie dish for Bogart.

I thought a shot on the cobblestone streets of Hoboken would be a great backdrop. Well, that is if we ignore the trash bags. Just imagine how pretty it must have looked about 100 years ago.

AMAZING Thai food and super inexpensive. We had red curry over jasmine rice and tons of hot sauce!

In deep thought about our meal choice. We also shared Asian BBQ skirt steak. It was INSANE.

No trip is complete to Hoboken with out a ton load of traffic. I tried to get a pic of the cruise ship taking off to the open seas. 


The Vintage Modern Bride said...

looks like a good time! ps..your outfit is so cute!

Holly said...

Love the outfit... especially with the belt. So cute! Looks like you had a good time at the art festival. Sure wish we had things like that here where I live!

Happy Monday :)

-Holly @ Eight Six Eleven

Nichole said...

Love it, how fun! And I have noticed that even though I'm still kind of new to blogging, I DO tend to dress better because I know I'll post photos to my blog and want to look better. Love your outfit!

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