Thursday, November 3, 2011

Crazy night and It's OK

Before I get to today's link up I have to tell you how about the insane experience I had last night. Upon arrival home Bogart and I were stuck in our car for several scary minutes as this visitor sat or his MUCH BIGGER brother sat in front of my car. Poor Bogart sat their crying and her never gets scared over anything. In the midst of all of this I butt dialed my boss who could here me talking to the bear  and myself "Go away, leave". Poor thing thought I was being kidnapped or really being held hostage. I could here her yelling "Are you ok? Should I call the police?"It was a crazy little experience for her too.

This is a picture of our bear friend this past summer. 
He is much larger now as he prepares to hibernate. 

Moving on... I'm linking up Neely

Its Ok Thursdays

Its OK...

-To be totally and completely obsessed with American Horror Story. Oh my goodness this so is by far the most amazing thing I've seen in a very long tim.

- To be ready for Thanksgiving but not wanting to rush through fall.

- To start thinking about Christmas gifts!

- To be a pissy bitch when we were hit with the worst October snow storm over the weekend. All of our trees have been destroyed. However, we have power, unlike so many others who are going 6 days with nothing. (Kinda like we were during Irene in September)

- To be bummed for so many kids who missed out on Halloween. It was cancelled in many towns due to storm damage and power outages.

- To not be prepared for my best friend's wedding thats Saturday!!! Ahhh!

- To be a little aggravated that a friend's engagement pictures look EXACTLY like ours. This is their second round of pictures.

- To buy ANOTHER Essie nail polish last week. Jazz! Its a perfect fall color.

- To prefer a glass of wine over a trip to the gym.

- To "borrow" a tupperware of coffee from my parents. We have none and are a bit to lazy to do food shopping.

- Its ok that coffee is a priority in this house.


Holly said...

Wow scary incident with the bear, yikes! And I'm so totally with you on the snow storm/tree thing. Thanks to the snow and a fallen tree we now have to deal with an insurance company who has no idea what they are doing. So frustrating!

Happy Thursday :)

-Holly @ Eight Six Eleven

The Queen Bee said...

Coffee is always the priority in my house, too!

Maggie said...

I can't believe that bear! Crazy crazy

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