Saturday, December 17, 2011

DIY Christmas Gifts, Ornaments

This year my brother purchased a home. My mom told me he was in need of ornaments for his tree. Since this year is a DIY Christmas I knew I would want to make some ornaments. I found this fantastic post from  Green Bean Crafterole and wanted to recreate.

Another awesome Christmas gift idea. It looks complicated but it really wasn't. It looks messy but it really wasn't. Everything about it was surprisingly easy.

Remove all the ornament toppers. Be careful not to pinch your skin.

Pour a bit of wax into the ornament. You do not need a lot. A little goes a long way.

Swirl around and coat the inside. I swirled a bit to much and created bubbles. It was probably its better to take your time. Drain the rest back into the wax bottle. Use Q-tips to get the bubbles out if you have any.

I used a paper funnel and placed it into the ornament and poured in some glitter.
Put your finger over the opening and shake all the glitter around. 

Pour all extra glitter back into the glitter bottle.
Put the Toppers back in and look how cute they are!!!

I packaged them up from my brother (glad he isn't a blog reader) along with some holiday hand towels and a few holiday candles. 
I also made some for my family and Brain's. Hope they are a hit. 

Glass ornament, 6 Pack: $4.99
Glass ornaments, Large: $.99 each (Made these for my mom and dad)
Pledge Floor Wax: $5.88
Glitter: Purchased years ago and I can't remember. Any glitter will do.

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