Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Hey Santa...

This year for Christmas I am not asking for anything. I haven't asked for anything or made a wish list for the last 3 years. I know, boring. I can't deny there are things I would really like to get my hands on this holiday. So Santa if your out there here are just a few things I wouldn't mind finding under my tree this year. I've been a very good girl this year.

Source: via Kristina on Pinterest

Perfect for our couch. I guess after we finally get married.

I love this decal and think it would so cute.

I want Amazing Grace everything, lotion, shower gel, !!! It will be my wedding perfume!

Source: via Kristina on Pinterest

This just screams out COZY!

I really, really, REALLY want this Kate Spade "MRS" necklace even though I can't technically wear it will April.

This gal would love some new panties.

I've been feeling super crafty lately so a little gift card love to my favorite craft store would be lovely.

I got this Sephora fragrance sampler a few years ago. By far the BEST gift ever! With all the samples you get a gift card for your favorite scent out of the pack. This year I would also like the Sephora Bridal Sampler! AMAZING. I'm having a make up-gasim just thinking about it!

Source: via Luisa on Pinterest

Glitter Toms or maybe a more practical pair. Maybe red!

A custom address label for B and I. I know its going to make our Christmas cards and wedding thank you notes a lot easier to send out next year.

Now I know this little gem is NOT in the budget. Or any budget for that matter but it sure is beautiful.

I've been thinking of a pair of these all day since its going to rain (myabe even some wet snow) for the next 2 days.

I love these. They look super cozy and they are really fun. Not to practical. I'd probably wear them once or my chubby legs wouldn't make them look as cute as they do here.

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the girl in the red shoes said...

I'm obsessed with that pillow! I need to make one for myself asap! And that Mrs. necklace is adorable!

Samantha said...

I love the Kate Spade Mrs necklace! Actually I love everything on your list!

Monica said...

Great list! I need need that scarf!

Saying I do said...

I LOVE that first pillow, the "mrs" necklace and that purse! amazing finds!

Kate said...

Get red toms! I have them and they are fantastic! They make a boring outfit not boring! Also, I have those leggings on my pinterest. I want them!

Alyssa said...

I love Victoria's Secret panties!!! I could go broke in that store haha!

Victoria said...

great list! i LOVE that scarf! and sucha cute neckalce!!

Erica M. said...

I love that first pillow.. I was thinking about making it for my in-laws as a little Christmas present. & one for myself :)

Casey said...

Here from the challenge!

My sister has that decal on her macbook! It's so very adorable!!

Also, those tights are so fun - I want too!

Meg {henninglove} said...

seriously hunters are on my list too!! they are just so gosh darn cool. and i love that mrs. necklace as well, the big day will be here before you know it!

Amber @ A Little Pink in the Cornfields said...

Oh my gosh, I want so many things on your list! That decal for the Macbook? Need. And those tights? Have to have. Love Wednesdays around here!!! AhhH!

Kiley said...

Your list is amazing! I literally want everything, haha. Those Mac decals are so awesome. One day, I think I'll do it myself!

Earl-Leigh said...

OMG! I want that "mrs" necklace and those tights!

DrayaAnn said...

I am dying for that "Mrs" necklace too!!!

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