Thursday, February 16, 2012

Adventures in Wedding Planning...

Wedding updates! I feel like I haven't updated you guys in so long!

Can you believe are down to 73 days till our wedding. Am I nervous? Not me. I feel great. My momma on the other hand. Freaking, losing her marbles.

I keep checking out our registry. Its like peeking on Christmas but its allowed. This is heavenly. We are registered at Macy's, Target and Crate and Barrel. Although my Grandma is very confused and wants to know why I'm registering at Cracker Barrel. Since we already have a house and have a lot of stuff for the home I've been getting phone calls asking what else can they purchase instead of the registry items.
Here are a few of my loves:

I have had my hair trial. Here are a few options. I think I may want a little more poof!

What do you think? 

-Make up trial is scheduled for next week.

-Our RSVPs are coming back to us slowly but surely. I sent them out in separate mailing so not everything came back at the same time. What is funny is Brian's family got them first. We have them back from 2 family members. We invited 48.  Its still awkward for me to have another list of friends to invite just in case others can not attend.

-I'm LOVING the little notes everyone is leaving on our RSVP cards:

"HELLS YEAH" (from my best friend)

"We can't wait"

"With Pleasure"

"So Happy"

with many happy faces and hearts. 

I'm getting really excited. Its a weird feeling too. Being engaged for 18 months I think I may miss the planning after the wedding takes place!

Happy Thursday!
More then halfway to the weekend!


Monica said...

So many pretty things! I love your hair in the 2nd picture!

NYC Recessionista said...

Our engagement was 18 months, too, and I totally missed wedding planning after it was all over. I actually still miss it :)

Renee said...

Hey girl! Your email isn't linked to you blogger account! So apparently I tried replying to your comment you left and until today I didn't realize your email isn't attached so they have been going to the noreply-comment one! Sorry! :)
Here is a link to a post that shows you how to fix it if you are interested!

Kate said...

The last couple of months were so stressful but at the same time so exciting! It was like a surprise gift every time an RSVP came back in the mail!

(and I totally stalked my registry like EVERY day!)

John said...

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