Tuesday, March 20, 2012

DIY Bridesmaid Gifts...

To be honest I have never been a fan of the "typical" bridesmaid gifts. I have so many engraved jewelry boxes I can't even keep track of and jewelry I'll never wear again.  I'm not big on stuff especially things that take up space. So when trying to decide what to get my girls I knew I would have to search for some ideas. I was lucky enough to win embroidered tote bags but I had to be sure I filled them with goodies.

During the winter I was lucky to find $1 flip flops in Old Navy. Just because it was my lucky day they were all in greens and yellows! I ALWAYS change from heels to flats or flip flops at weddings. I hope these keep my girls toes happy.

All my girls love their wine, like me, well except for my 12 year old cousin! I got all the "of age" bridesmaids plain wine glasses and my cousin a mug. The BIG ones! I got them for $1. I purchased paint pens and let my inner crafty bide run wild.
I purchased an expensive Sharpie paint pen and I hated it.
 The cheapo Walmart paint was  so much easier to work with. 
My fave is the M glass.
Just so happens my bridesmaid told us she is expecting so that glass may not be used for a little while.  

The green dress is a similar design to the bridesmaid dresses.
You can't see but the bottom of the glass also has my Maid of Honor's name.
The mug has adorable flowers similar to the the J glass.

I figured I would include a nice bottle of wine. To go along with the wine theme I got them a cute wine coaster.

I also got my girls some other goodies. Tissues, nail files and another favorite of ours, Starbucks gift cards!

I'll show you the finished product when I get all the goodies in order.

What where your favorite DIY projects?

How about brides, what are some of your wedding DIY projects?


Molly said...

The glasses look fantastic! I've tried using a Sharpie paint pen in the past, and hated it too. I couldn't get the paint to come out evenly.

I can't wait to see the finished products! =)

Nichole said...

very cute! I ordered customized wine glasses off etsy for my girls. They LOVED them, but I bet if I had done it myself I would have saved some money!

Brooke said...

SUPER cute! And my post was from Virginia Beach/Norfolk :)

Lauren said...

Love those DIY wine glasses that will save brides so much money on gifts! ;-)

Monica said...

Those are so cute!!

Morgan said...

Perfect! You did an amazing job! I'll have to try that as a bday gift since my wedding was SIX years ago... geez. I feel old.

ChinkyGirLMeL said...

awwww so cute! I've been thinking of going for a DIY bridesmaid gifts too. I think it is always nice to give something personalized and made straight from the heart. =)

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