Thursday, March 15, 2012

Little Bits of Happiness...2

I had such a good time last week sharing my little bits of happiness.  I really need this after the terrible day yesterday. Considering some wicked, mean woman called me fat at the gym. I'll probably blog more about it when the smoke stops shooting from my ears. Oh and to top off my day I got my finger stuck between two rocks while spring cleaning at work. I cried a lot yesterday! It sucked, no doubt

I think this could be my new fave link up.

Mrs Stephanie T

Linking up with Stephanie.

Wedding gifts starting to arrive, 45 days//Stella and Dot goodies//Me and B at Boyce Avenue Acoutsic  and Secondhand Serenade in Concert//My nephew, who is spending the weekend with us//Doing his homework//Spring nails, and yep thats a wine glass behind them. Couldn't let Stephanie down this week!//Nail Polish, this isn't even half of them! Seriously addicted.

Other bits:
-Dress fitting went really well.
-One Tree Hill but seriously the fact that its ending kinda breaks my heart.
-Cake tasting is coming up.
-My friend Lori's mom is doing well after a 3 hour surgery removing cancerous lumps in her lower abdomen. Sending lots of their way.
-Vows are written, at least mine are, lol!

What are you happy for this week?


Monica said...

I can't wait to hear that story, who does that! I love your nails :)

Amy Powell said...

oh I love your nails that way!! so much fun :)
have a lovely day!

Andrea Grace said...

How horrible they said that to you!

kristy said...

And it's the saddest season of one tree hill yet! I was secretly hoping it would last forever.

Stephanie Thigpen said...

woop woop for wine and pretty nails!! thanks for not letting me down, lady! ;)

Morgan said...

Loving the nails :) ~ I'm a new follower!! Morgan from Tot Treasures, stopping by from Little Bits of Happiness link up.

Cheryl said...

loving your spring nails!

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