Monday, April 16, 2012

Party Foul

I can't believe I'm actually typing this but I was a complete bachelorette party failure. No on the part of my b-maids and friends, they were wonderful. It was me and the horrific virus that took over my body on Saturday. I felt sick all day on Saturday but I tried to work through it. On the limo ride down to the supper club I started feeling worse. I pushed through it but I felt terrible. I tried sipping ginger ale and the owner made me some white rice. All my gals were having a blast and I was just terrible. I couldn't smell the food with out heaving. I asked my girls to leave way earlier so I could go home. When I got back I made sure they went back out and enjoyed the last 4 hours with the limo.

Brian was at his bachelor party so I was home alone, sick as a dog. My stomach hurt so badly I couldn't sleep. There were points of the night where I cried for my mom and Brian. I couldn't call Brian because I really didn't want to ruin his fun. They are the only 2 people who comfort me when I'm sick. I had never felt so bad in my life. I could tell I was getting dehydrated. I hadn't eaten anything more than bread and 2 bites of rice. At 5am I got the best surprise. Brian had come home to take care of me. He just knew something was up when I texted him much earlier in the night. Instantly his hug made me feel better.

By 8am I had been up about 15 times. I was so thirsty but couldn't hold a glass of water. My fingers had contracted from being dehydrated. Brian had to hold my head up and the glass. He told me if I didn't drink he was taking me to the ER. I forced myself to do it but it made things so much worse. By 10am as I was coming out of the bathroom I got very dizzy, he walked me back to bed and then I fainted. I woke up to him shaking me and the tone of his voice saying "Kris" (he never calls me Kris) scared the sh*t out of me. He insisted at that point we were going to the ER. Parts of my legs had turned blue. It was the most terrifying experience for both of us. We were both pretty scared. I swear my guy is a saint. On 3 hours of sleep he rushed around the house to get everything ready. He dressed me and all but carried me to the door. When in the hospital he called my mom and comforted me.

While in the ER they basically thought I had a virus or some type of poisoning. I haven't had a virus in over 10 years; go figure.They gave me IV fluids and medicine for the nausea. The dehydration was so bad they couldn't find veins for the IV.  My arms look terrible. These bruises better heal up in a few weeks. I took an extra day off to recover. I'm still sick, dizzy and can't eat a thing but I'm really hungry. The medicine causes headaches too so I'm just going to sleep this beautiful day away.

I feel so terrible I ruined the whole weekend. My friends worked so hard for me to have a great time. I feel so bad that poor Brian got 3 hours of sleep and had to basically be my nurse. That I fainted and scared him. The only thing I don't feel terrible about is the loss of 5 pounds.


Monica said...

Ooh my gosh! That is scary, thank god he came home early and was there to take care of you! I hope you feel better soon!

Blubtrflygrl said...

That is so scary. But glad you are okay. Part of my job is taking people out of nursing homes so I am probably way hypersensitive about this, but I've had a couple of referrals as of late where people contracted weird viruses that caused them to be paralyzed and other crazy shit. I have someone that this happened to, who passed out at a BBQ after feeling like he had "the flu" all day too. Maybe you can get out for one last night locally before the big day. Hang in there!!

Saying I do said...

oh my goodness that is so sad! I'm so sorry you had such a terrible weekend, that's just awful!! Hopefully you can plan a fun night out with some girlfriends to make up for you missing it :( :( :( So sorry!

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