Wednesday, May 16, 2012

OHP...Hello Summer...Clothes

I have seriously missed linking up with Michelle the last few weeks. I guess thats where a blog rut leads you. Well, I'm back.

So I must admit I love looking at summer fashion but I am a self professed girl who hates shorts. Well at least I hate the way my body looks in shorts. These darn things get shorter each year too. No one should really be subjected to seeing my legs in short shorts. I picked up a couple of cute mid length shorts and Bermudas but I mostly wear sundresses during the warm months. Since planning our honeymoon I am even more in love with summer fashion. These are some of my most recent pins.

Source: via Minerva on Pinterest

Source: via Amy on Pinterest

Source: via Stephanie on Pinterest

What do you guys think? Where is your favorite shop to purchase summer essentials?

Oh and I'm looking for some guest bloggers in June anyone interested? Hoping for posts about honeymoons and weddings.


Nichole said...

I want ALL those dresses!

Kate - Classy Living said...

Girl, I'm totally with you when it comes to the shorts thing. Sundresses are the way to go! :) Those are all beautiful!

Sally @ Splash of Whine said...

Great pins! Such great looks.

Ruth said...

I get the shorts my legs don't look so good in them anymore.

I love the green dress. And all the turquoise accessories on the one.

Nicole Rene said...

Ohh that maxi dress outfit is amazing! And I love all these dresses! I want them all in my closet haha :)

Sarah said...

Can I just have your closet? If it's anything as cute as this, then your clothes must be AMAZING!

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