Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Healing through Happiness

So I will admit it has been a little down and depressing here at Pretty Rambles. I am working on myself day by day and minute by minute. Instead of having a pity party for one I am asking my readers and friends to share with me things that make you happy.

Please feel free to email me anything that makes you happy....

Pictures, Stories, Links to posts!

Anything you'd like; your children, pet-babies, husbands/wives, shopping/sales and fun experiences, ANYTHING!

It could be recent or old, little or big.

I think sharing our happiest moments will be a great healer.

I'm going to schedule some happy moment posts while we are on our honeymoon.
(With everything going on I forgot to ask for some guest posts.)

Hopefully we will make some more happy memories while we are away.

This is one of my happiest days. 
A week before we closed on our home. 
Our first "dating" anniversary in the same spot of our first date.
Even with all the happy moments we have shared since I still think this is one of those days that will always live in my memory as the happiest.
The smiles, the anticipation of our new life together, the wine. 
It was a good day. 

Email me your stories:


NYC Recessionista said...

Love this idea! Too often we focus on the negative ... why do we never dwell on the positive stuff? That should be what we think about over and over ... all the good things! I am always here for guest posts :)

Victoria @ One Crafty Momma said...

Hey!! Want a guest post?!? I could put one together for you! :) Email me! :)

Amy Powell said...

focusing on the positive. amazing how hard it is!

let's see, things I'm happy with right now: 1) swimming pools, 2) good beer, 3) summer movies, 4) getting a slight tan, 5) using sparkly nail polish :)

keep it up, girl!

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