Friday, September 28, 2012

Fall Fashion Week- Last Day

Well hasn't this been fun?!?! I'm pretty pleased I was able to stick with this challenge for 5 of the 7 days. Lessons I've learn photographing myself for 5 days. 1.) I should really learn to use my new camera. 2.) A camera stand would be a fun investment. 3.) My hair looks better down and semi dirty. I have had a blast this week. I've received so many kind comments and found so many sweet blogs to follow. Thanks Deanna for hosting. If you want to see some of what the other gals are wearing today please click here. Now on to what I wore yesterday.

Red Skinnies- Old Navy Rock Stars
Gray T- Victoria's Secret
White Tank- Mandee
Floral Bag- H&M
Flip Flops- Old Navy
Little Brown Bag- Olive and Grape- 
We bought white truffle, garlic olive oil and chocolate raspberry balsamic vinegar.

Its not common both Brian and I have the day off together. Yesterday we seized the day ant took off on a 2 hr road trip to two cute little towns, Lambertville, NJ and New Hope PA.These 2 towns rest on the Delaware River. We walked, shopped and ate all day. They are such adorable towns with tons of mom and pop shops, consignment stores and haunted mansions. Can't wait to go back.

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jilian dee said...

I love your red jeans! You look amazing in them :) and I love that necklace, I'm a huge fan of teal and red together.

Allie said...

Cute outfit! I love Lambertville and New Hope, such cute towns!

deanna@delirious-rhapsody said...

i love your jeans!!

and can i live in one of those houses? i have always wanted a house like that. :) especially the haunted mansion. ;-)

Charity Blaine said...

Those red skinnies are amazing. You look so great!

Charlotte said...

We bought white truffle, garlic olive oil and chocolate raspberry balsamic vinegar.

Send some my way please!

Those are a GREAT pair of jeans! Perfect combination of neutrals and bright colors.

Rachael said...

Whoa! Your pants and your necklace match so well! You look like a professional fashionista! Great last outfit. :)

Judy said...

Cute outfit! I love the colors.

Michelle said...

You look awesome. I've been wanting to get to Old Navy for some colored skinnies since spring. Yeahhhh...I don't get out much. I love your necklace, too! Someone in my online quilt group just mentioned that red and teal are soooo in right now. :-)

Jessica G. said...

I love your outfit! Like, I love it so much, I want to steal the whole thing. You look adorable. And I love the picture on the bridge. And, chocolate raspberry balsamic vinegar...can I come over?! :)

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