Saturday, September 22, 2012

Fall Fashion Week

Today marks the first day of Fall Fashion Week blog style. I've always have good intentions to participate in blog posts revolving around fashion and what I wore but it never seems to work out. I'm really hoping to stick to this one. There are really no excuses considering I'm off all week! I love a good challenge anyways.

Brown Skinnies: Old Navy
Chambray Top: Old Navy
Black Tank: H&M
Leopard Flats: Target
Wristlet: Gussy Sews
Geode Earrings: Style Counsel 

I wore this outfit last night on our dinner date. I went and got my hair done and I actually felt really pretty so hubs and I went out for an amazing sushi dinner. Mr. Sushi is some of the best I've had. Perfect for Weight Watchers because they have some dishes with no rice.  Since I saved so many points on sushi we also treated ourselves to some cookies and took a 2 mile walk.

delirious rhapsody


deanna@delirious-rhapsody said...

i love the color of your jeans! thanks for linking up. :)

hooray for weight watchers! when i was 20, i lost 65 pounds with their system.

With Love, Jamie said...

Love this :) You are very pretty, love the pants & denim top! I need to get a denim top ;)

Rachael said...

Wow! Your eyes are STUNNING! I betcha get that all the time.... What a cute outfit! I'm jealous you get to wear pants. :-/
And your hair looks FABULOUS!

Breenah said...

I totally thought you weren't wearing pants at first because I scrolled too fast!

Jessica G. said...

Love your shirt! And your earrings are adorable.

Judy said...

Those are cute earrings! Ooh! Sushi sounds so good right now!

lexi said...

I love how you mixed this outfit. Every piece would intimidate me. I tend to either go all bold or all plain, this is a lovely mix of everything. I adore your skinny jeans. Beautifully put together!

Charlotte said...

that shirt looks perfect, but it also looks like you'd need to iron it. do you? I'm hoping you'll say no, because I loath ironing, but I want a shirt like that!

The Vintage Modern Wife said...

love your chambray shirt! laura sent me one from her jc penny because i couldnt find it. i love it. now we can be twinsies.

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