Monday, September 24, 2012

Fashion Week, Day 3

As you may have guessed I completely missed linking up yesterday for the Fall Fashion week. 
delirious rhapsody

Honestly, I played softball all morning. I'm a catcher so my black uniform was covered in dirt. Not really fashion forward! After our game we quickly ran out to spend the day with our 2 nephews. I had good intentions to wear and post one of my most favorite weekend outfits. Here is the only shot I got of me the entire day: 

I know, its pretty bad. I was attempting to maneuver a youtube video while taking a picture with a 2 week old and 3 year old. Anyways, how cute are they?!?! 
I'm wearing some of my outfit staples.

Navy Cardigan- Forever 21
White T and tank- Target
Ripped Boyfriend Jean- Lauren Conrad for Kohls
Pink Converse

So I'm trying to make up for it today. I feel funny getting dressed cute for the dentist. The dentist is my LEAST favorite place in the world. I actually have terrible anxiety about it. It could be that and my Weight Watchers weigh in tonight. Nothing like a work free day with so much stress.

Here is what I'm wearing today:

Forgive me as I really need a camera stand! Like I said before I am by no means a fashion blogger/model. I just really love clothes!

This sweater is my most favorite new purchase of the season.
Sweater: Old Navy
Skinny Jeans: Old Navy, $9
Tank- Target
Shoes- Target, $4.98

Have I mentioned I love a good sale. I'm not sure of the pairing of the shoes and the sweater. There is a green in the shoes. What do you think?


Molly said...

Love today's outfit, especially the sweater!

Tarabelle said...

I have been eyeing those shoes; they look fantastic!


jilian dee said...

too cute! just might steal those shoes

deanna@delirious-rhapsody said...

i love your polka dotted sweater!

Michelle said...

Spunk-kay! :-)

With Love, Jamie said...

Polka dots!! I love polka dots :)

lexi said...

I love the polka dots! Such a fun trend right now! Your nephews are adorable too.

Charlotte said...

green! with! big! polka! dots! I'm in love, can you tell? cute cute cute!

Rachael said...

I say pair 'em!
What a cute top and those shoes are super duper cool.
I hope your dentist appreciated them. And went easy on you.
I have no idea what it's like to have to juggle two kids and try to get a picture of yourself! I have a hard enough time with just me. You're inspiring!

The Vintage Modern Wife said...

Love your sweater! So cute!

Heather said...

I love those shoes! I can't believe you snagged them at such a low price! Amazing.

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