Friday, October 19, 2012

Friday Letters

Dear Brian,
Today marks 4 years since our first date. Four years ago today you and I had an amazing date. Apple picking, dinner and coffee. I can remember how perfect it all seemed. Here we are now, all these years later. I love you just as much, if not more, than I did back then. I look forward to spending these rest of this wonderful life with you.

Dear Neighbors,
LEARN TO PARK! It really isn't very hard to park in a straight line! Your neighbor who never has a spot, ME, would love it if I could have a parking spot when I get home.

Dear Pink Friday,
I can't wait to celebrate with you tonight all in the name of charity.

Dear Zumba,
Thank you for making me like working out again. Thank you for making me feel sexy again!

Dear Softball girls,
Stop being so Regina George. No one acts like that after middle school. Get over yourselves and be nice. We are all on the same team!

Dear Yankee,
There is always next year :)

Dear Dental Hygienist,
Please go easy on me this morning. I have no tolerance for pain especially when it has to do with my teeth.

Dear Katy Perry,
I was never really a fan until I saw this.
(I dare you to watch and not tear up)

Dear Friends,
Have an amazing weekend.


Molly said...

I'm a (closet) Katy Perry fan, and just couldn't get over that video. So beautiful.

Katie said...

Love that Katy Perry. I was never much of a fan either but watched her movie last week and like her so much more now. And this video...OMG

Laura said...

oof...that katy perry video gets me every time. I def. loved her a lot more after this too.

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