Monday, October 29, 2012

Life Lately

Woohoo, we still have power this morning so I'm happy I get the chance to blog this morning. I was expecting to wake up and not have any power. I called out of work today. I'm sure they will be upset with me but after waking up at 4am to my house shaking, trees down and siding hanging off my house I couldn't bring myself to drive over an hour through flood zones. Its scary out there. I hope my east coaster pals will be  cautious and as safe as possible. Luckily Brian's bank has closed. We are home safe together. Two lazy bums under the covers with the heat pumping. We have our emergency bags packed just in case and we know where the shelters are just in case. In addition to this "Frankenstorm" here are a few more things going on in our life lately:

- Yesterday marked 4 years since Brian asked me make it official. I like celebrating little days like this. With all the chaos the last few days I actually forgot what day it was. We have time to celebrate tonight.

- Speaking of celebrating. This was us 6 months ago today. How time flies! 

(Thank goodness the weather was lot better that day)

- This weekend Brian and I had a day off to spend together. So what did we do? Brian, my mom and I  volunteered to work a Halloween party for the children I work with. Nothing like spending a day off at your job. Brian with one of the children. Brian ran the photo booth all day. 

Be safe! 
Enjoy your week! 

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Jamie said...

Happy half-iversary!

Lorena Pizzo said...

I follow you and I hope you will reciprocate...

Nikki said...

Hope you stay safe and that Sandy doesn't knock out your power! Enjoy your day off with your hubby.

Vicki said...

Stay safe girl! This Sandy is no joke! There are trees down all around my neighborhood!

Molly said...

Thinking of you and hoping you're staying safe! XOXO

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