Thursday, November 1, 2012

It's OK

It's OK" title="Its Ok Thursdays">

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-To not dress up for Halloween. NJ has rescheduled trick or treating for a few days. I think its good to reschedule for the children. Can't imagine how spooked they are!

- To not feel sorry for people who are complaining about their loss of power, the rotting food in their freezer, or getting stuck in traffic. Does that sound cold and cruel? I'm sure it does but all of that compared to some of the real devastation happening.

- To be incredibly grateful for all that we have. Feeling blessed to have power, heat, food and water!!!

- To be feeling a lot of different emotions about my career. Sometimes I doubt myself and wonder if it was the right path to take.

- To not be following my diet this week. I know I should be but being so off schedule has not been good to my body. Attempting to get to Zumba class later.

- To have forgotten to get my dad a birthday card. His birthday is today. Maybe he will forgive me and I can get him one when the stores finally open.

Hoping this finds you all well.
Have a great day.

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