Friday, April 19, 2013

Happies and Crappies...


- Our 1st wedding anniversary is coming up. I'm pretty excited. Trying to find fun things to do because Brian and I have taken 2 extra days off next week. Can't believe a year has gone so fast. 

- I'm trying to talk my husband into staying at this Bed and Breakfast for our anniversary. It's adorable plus they have an Inn dog named Quincy! I wonder if they'd let me have him for the night?

- I'm semi on the mend. This bronchitis has knocked me out. I'm back at work just in time for the weekend. I intend on sleeping the majority of the time. This medicine is making me feel even worse. Yuck! 

- I only missed 1 bootcamp class. Trust me I felt terrible getting through them being sick but it really is amazing what our body can do, even when we think we can't. Only 4 more classes! Hoping for some more results this month! I'm proud that I've avoided wine all month! I vowed to not by any alcohol and keep any in our home the last 2 months! Accomplished:)


- For me it feels some what frivolous for me to complain about the problems in my life this week. Compared to so much suffering in Boston and Texas my complaints are nothing. Yes, my job is tough, I'm under tremendous stress, we didn't get them news I was expecting, we may not have children but my loved ones are safe and I'm able to wrap my arms around them. I really can't complain about anything this week. 

What are you happy for this week?

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Jen said...

I'm so glad that you are semi on the mend. I hope you are 100% better soon! Hugs!

Kelsey said...

Congrats on your anniversary! That is a very exciting happy! I hope that yall are able to go to that bed and breakfast, it looks super cute :)

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