Thursday, April 25, 2013

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I haven't done one of these in quite some time. Why is it that I have to love so many link ups around the blog world. I feel like I'm "cheating" when I skip one for another. It's probably me stressing out about insignificant stuff like I usually do.

So here are the things that I'm OK with this week:

- To be obsessed with on line gargae sales via Facebook. I have sold so much crap I mean treasures that I would have just donated or thrown away. I like the idea of so many people recycling their items. I check the updates like its my job.

- To think it is rude to not receive e-mail responses. I mean how hard is it in the real world to take a second out of your day to email some one back. It's not like I'm expecting a long drawn out phone call. RUDE!!!

- To be sad, pissy and angry that we have NO plans for our one year anniversary. I guess I sound shallow but I really wanted to get away with my husband. We are so bad. We never follow through with anything. Even typing this makes me nearly cry.

- To be physically and mentally exhausted. I think I need a retreat weekend all by myself. Somewhere beautiful where I can do yoga and get massages all weekend long. Now if some one would give me that for free I will gladly take it.

- To be a shitty wife sometimes. When I asked my husband to pick up rolls to go along with the dinner we were having and he just decided he didn't want to I got angry and on my way home from work picked up 1 roll for myself. Nothing for him. I got a little tired of him never listening to simple requests. Clearly, I've been a super biatch this week.

- In closing, it is ok to be obsessed with this adorable video. I can't watch with out laughing.


Jen said...

You are allowed to be sad about not having any plans for your anniversary that is a special. I hope you guys can maybe get away for a day or something.

Sara Blinder said...

I get like that with my husband sometimes too. (And then feel horribly guilty!)

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