Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Newlyweds- The First Year

I'm a reality junkie. I've never been to shy to admit it anyway. On any given night I can be found watching any kind of Bravo crap; Long Island Princesses, any and all Real Housewives and so on. I love me so Andy Cohen! My newest guilty pleasure is Newlyweds- The First Year.

Newlyweds follows 4 couples from day 1 to day 365 of marriage. We follow the couples through financial issues, pregnancy, miscarriage, family issues, intimacy issues and the regular ups and downs of marriage. I think I found it so interesting because Brian and I had just celebrated our 1st anniversary and most of these issues were very real to us and things we had experienced although at the time I thought we were the only newlyweds to experience them. I went into marriage thinking none of these things would be an issue for us. Call it oblivious if you'd like because I think I was. The first year of marriage was not all sunshine and flowers for us. We went through a lot and I have chronicled most of it here. I can't imagine it being broadcast on national television yet it was in a way refreshing to see we weren't the only ones. During our first year of marriage I thought many times to myself "Is this the way it's supposed to be?" There was a lot of self doubt during our first year.

With all this being said the majority of couples Bravo has followed are borderline annoying. John and Kathryn, a Long Island, NY couple, get pregnant on their honeymoon and suddenly John turns into a mega jerk. Besides having her a stay at home wife and giving her an allowance he continually calls his pregnant wife fat and I think the word "whale" was used. He's a ass.   While we are on the topic of bing and ass we can chat about Kim and Alaska. They are a NY/LA couple and Alaska is; you guessed it, a jerk. He believes he is the king of their home. He makes all final decisions and Kim is not allowed to make any of them. He blames his father for his behavior. Seriously?!?! You're in your 30's, grow up! Tina and Tarz are wacky. When Tina had a miscarriage this season my heart broke for her. She recently lost her mom before her wedding and the added heartbreak was so unfair. Jeff and Blair are also pretty wacky but by far they are my favorite couple. Blair is the funniest guy! He cracks me up with his one liners. Monday was the season finale which I slept right through, thanks to pregnancy I sleep like a rock! I think the show is worth a shot to catch a marathon because you know Bravo loves some marathons.


Jen said...

I've heard about this show, but I haven't watched it yet. May have to check to it out.

Jenn said...

I thought i would really love this show, but I felt like it was a big let down. Like you, I didnt really like any of the couples. I thought I would like the gay couple, but they just annoyed me....much like the other couples. I couldn't relate to ANY of them. I doubt they will come back with a Year Two for these couples.

Nichole said...

I watched the season finale last night...I have to agree it was somewhat annoying but watching the last episode, they DID seem to grow a bit more than the beginning and it totally reminded me of you (before I saw you posted this!) and I emailing about it when I posted, and I thought, "she was so right, I wouldn't want some of that stuff shown from my first year, either" funny.

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