Tuesday, July 9, 2013


So I haven't been a good blogger lately. For the last 2 weeks my work schedule changed and between being exhausted all the time and not sleeping well I had a little surprise party I was planning. I've been sneaking around since March planning a surprise 30th birthday party for Brian!

The best part was he was SHOCKED! He thought I was picking him up from work and we were going to his cousin's college graduation party. When we pulled up and saw his Ghostbuster themed party he sat in the car he repeatedly said "What is this?"We decorated the backyard with Ghostbuster movie posters. Our colors were red, black and white. I printed out a bunch of pictures of Brian when he was little and all of his favorite moments and hung them in our tents.

As you can see pregnancy has not been good to my body. It looks like I've gained weight everywhere including my arms, boobs and all 3 chins! 

Brian's mom pulled all of his Ghostbuster toys out of the attic and put them on display. 

It was 93 degrees so just about everyone enjoyed the pool. 

It was a fantastic day. I love seeing my husband so happy. His entire family came to the party which made it the perfect time to announce our 14 week old surprise! 
Our family is so over joyed and that makes us very happy too! 

Hope you all had a lovely weekend. 


Tori G said...

What a great day! You both look so happy!

Jen said...

How wonderful! The party looks amazing. :)

Paige Faulkner said...

What a fun party! Congrats on the pregnancy.

Nichole said...

aww, what a great theme!

Stephanie Wolfe said...

loveeee this party! glad it turned out so well.

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