Tuesday, October 8, 2013


What I'm wearing:
Cardigan- Old Navy, non maternity
Tank- Target (one of the best purchases thus far)
Pants- Old Navy
Shoes- Roxy (another awesome purchase since my feet grew 2 sizes) 

How Far Along: 26 weeks and 4 days

Baby is the size of: Baby G is the size of a head of lettuce

Total Weight Gain: Ugh, I'm up 20. 

Sleep: Has been awful. *See worst moment of the week. 

Best Moment of the week:

* Apple picking. 

Worst Moment of the Week: 
* I had some terrible pains in my stomach. I ended up at the doctor and I was diagnosed with a hernia. O-M-G, the pain! It's pretty large considering the doctor could see it with in seconds of me laying back. It has been painful for me and my sleep is terrible. i can't bend down to even take off my pants with out major pain. The doctor ordered to take things easy. It's difficult to give up most responsibilities around the house but I have to be safe for baby and I. It's been tough. I actually cried last night trying to put my pajamas on. On top of that I have a wicked cold. I'm knocked out! 

Miss Anything: 
* I miss being able to get upset without some one assuming it is probably hormones. 
* Being able to shave my legs and paint my toes with out difficulty

Food Cravings: Apple crisp. It's in the oven as I type. 

Anything make you queasy: Nope

Have you started to show? Oh boy I have but everyone still says I'm carrying so small. I think I just look very bloated. 

Gender: Surprise baby!!! 

Symptoms: Swollen ankles/feet, hernia :(

Workouts: I've been doing as little as possible considering how much I'm hurting. 

Mood: The hernia and lack of sleep have taken it's toll on me. Just staying positive! Although I hurt I am fine and baby is doing excellent. 

Looking forward to: Going to an Autumn festival this weekend with my mom and all the prep for my baby shower! 

Maternity Clothes: A good mix of maternity pants and non maternity tops! 

Stretchmarks: Nothing yet. I've been using Mama Bee by Burt's Bees religiously. 

Rings on or off? Both are still on.

Bellybutton in or out? Still in.

This week I: 
*  Will have to take the 2 hour glucose test.

*  Caught a cold :( 

Baby Update: 

* Baby is doing so great. During the sonogram it was fun to watch baby look all over for my voice. 

* Baby really enjoys fist pumping. 

Momma Update:

* Mommy  is trying to stay positive. 

* Mommy  does not like this sore throat and cold that has taken over. 


Erin @ Keep Calm and Sparkle said...

Oh no!!! Hope the pain gets better and fast!!!

Yay for baby shower prep!!

Our little man was fist pumping at our sono last week! Cracked me up!

Jen said...

The apple picture is just too cute!

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