Tuesday, November 19, 2013

BUMPDATE- 32 Weeks!

What I'm wearing:
Sweater: Hopes Collection, last year, non maternity
Top: Motherhood Maternity
Jeans: Although not shown are Old Navy, non maternity with a belly band

How Far Along: 32 weeks and 4 days.

Baby is the size of: Baby G is the size of a

Total Weight Gain: Ugh, I'm up 30.

Sleep: Is still not good. I'm basically on the couch every night. I tried the bed for the first time in 2 weeks and it was a disaster. I hurt a lot in the bed and my snoring kept my husband awake. It is back to couch sleeping. It has it's upside. I get to watch Hallmark Christmas movies at 3am when I can't sleep.

Best Moment of the week:

* We found a girls name.If you missed it yesterday here it is. 
* The girls at work surprised me with a baby shower on Friday! They did such a lovely job! They got all the children to color favors and  write me little messages on diapers! 

* We finished putting the cradle together.It's the cradle Brian's mom got when she had his older sister. All of Brian's cousins and even our nephews slept in it. Lots of generations of babies have slept here. 

* Baby moves so much. I'm loving every minute of it. It wakes me up at night and most nights I sit up and talk to baby as he or she moves! It's our special time together. 
* My best friend and I had a great girl's day on Saturday. We took time for ourselves and got a pedi. My feet feel so much better than they did. 
Worst Moment of the Week:
* I really can't complain. The sleep stinks and I'm tired a lot but I'm realizing there isn't much time left in this pregnancy and I need to savor it.

Miss Anything:
* I have had a strong craving for a dirty martini with blue cheese olives lately. That has been my go to drink for years and I'm missing the salty, yummy vodka this week.

Food Cravings:
*I'm craving food in general. Last week I ate so much at lunch. A personal pizza, english muffin and 3 cookies. I was a beast! It was ridiculous! 
*Oh and I can't get enough chocolate almond milk.

Anything make you queasy:
I have woken up several times this last week with a horrible reflux. I feel like I'm vomitting in my mouth. So gross. So sorry for the overshare. At first it was only when I would eat ice cream. It happens all the time now.

Have you started to show? Oh yes!

Gender: Surprise baby!!!


*Swelling has come back with a vengence!!! My feet were actually swollen around the tops of my socks the other night. It was pretty funny to look at! The nurse at work thinks I'm not drinking enough water in combination with wearing the belly band or jeans that cut into my tummy. (Baby is so low I can't find pants that fit low enough with out falling off my butt and showing off crack)
*NESTING like a nut case! 

Workouts: Just walking and moving. The more I move the less stiff I get and the less I hurt.

Mood: I'm still really hormonal. I have noticed it's less crying and a little more yelling. Oops!  

Looking forward to:

* Meeting baby! We are getting so close!
* Thanksgiving with family, turkey and all the fixings! 

Maternity Clothes: A good mix of maternity pants. I've been really lucky to still wear non maternity shirts and not have to invest in a lot of new pieces. I'm actually wearing my belly band with non maternity jeans as well.

Stretchmarks: Nothing yet. Thank goodness!

Rings on or off? Depends on the day.

Bellybutton in or out? Still holding strong as an in!

This week I:
* Went to a charity event with my husband. It was nice getting out.

* Treated myself to a pedi!
* Finished our thank you cards.
* Finished our Christmas cards. We won't be sending them out till after Thanksgiving.

Baby Update:

* Baby's head is still very low but we are monitoring closely. I have an appointment on Thursday to see if anything has changed.  
* Baby has fingernails, toenails, and hair is forming on his or her head.
* Baby moves around all the time and especially late at night while I sleep. It usually wakes me up because my tummy shakes so much! 
* I've noticed baby moves more when music plays or when I lay on my left side. We have played lots Pandora Lullaby station for baby. Baby loves it!!! So does mommy. I fell asleep singing "Rainbow Connection" the other night.  


Ashley said...

That shower was soo cute!! I do not look forward to swelling!! Thanks for stopping by my blog and saying hello!!
I feel like my baby is low too and I'm only 24 weeks haha

Melissa @ i carry your heart said...

You look great too! Sorry for all the discomforts you are feeling. I promise you forget about them once baby comes (and not just because you have new discomforts). haha!

Jen said...

What a cute shower! :)

Kristin said...

That cradle is so cute! What a neat heirloom to pass around the family. Thanks for linking up lady! :)

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