Monday, December 30, 2013

Christmas Swap Box

Earlier this month I signed up with Northeast Blogger Network for their Christmas swap. I got teamed up with 2 great bloggers to exchange with.

I got so lucky and received a swap box from Amy over at Love and Hot Chocolate! It couldn't have been a more appropriate partner considering I can't get enough hot chocolate these days! Yay for pregnancy cravings. Any is super sweet. She was such an awesome and thorough partner. Plus, on the day packages were to be sent out the North East was hit with a mega storm and she sent he husband out to make sure I got my gifts on time. They arrived in 1 day and I couldn't have been happier with all the amazing stuff she picked out for me.

Look at all of these goodies!
Of course she won me over with the adorable puppy dog Christmas card!

Here are the goodies she sent:
"I Love You More"- A book for me and baby! I read it immediately to baby before opening any more of the gifts. The whole time with tears in my eyes! It was such a beautiful surprise that she also sent something for our little baby
Wash clothes for baby- The are so perfect. Of course she got the color dead on. All of baby's things are gray and yellow!!!
Chocolate Goodies- Dark chocolare covered cookies and chocolate peppermint!
Cozy Socks- They are adorable and look just like little (swollen) elf feet!
EOS lip balm- My all time favorite and not a flavor I have ever tried. I have one opened so I have to contain myself to not open this one just yet. Not the easiest task!
Pier 1 frame ornament- Although I haven't filled it with a picture just yet it is already hanging on our tree! 
Car Airfreshener, and antibacterial hand wash- Both are already staples in my Jeep.

Already reading to baby!
You made this swap so much fun.
I had the pleasure of sending Katie a bunch of goodies too.
Hop over to her blog to find out what I sent her.


Meg Doherty said...

These are SUCH thoughtful gifts!!! I love the book for you and baby and EOS is my favorite, too! I love how she wrapped everything so it could be like a mini Christmas. I absolutely loved this swap :)

Blubtrflygrl said...

Go ahead open the EOS. I have one in my bathroom, living room, car and on my desk at work. Love them.

Kristin said...

Love everything you got!

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