Thursday, December 5, 2013

Christmas Traditions

My mom has always had such amazing Christmas traditions for us when we were growing up. We continue many of them now that my brother and I are grown! Brian and I started some of our own when we bought our home 4 years ago. With a baby on the way I can't wait to see what type of Christmas traditions Brian and I begin with our little one. I think a lot of traditions are planned and some just kind of happen. I know many of our family's tradition just sort of happened over time.

- Pajamas- We get new pjs every year on Christmas Eve. It all started when we were little. My mom always wanted us to look cute for morning pictures. This year she even bought me a XL pair in hopes of fitting my bump into them.

- Family Christmas Eve Pictures

- Crafting each year
This is my husband's least favorite. I'm sure! 

- Holiday Lights- When we were little my parents would load us up in the car and we would drive around for hours just checking out the holiday lights. Brain and I continue to do it every year.

- It's a Wonderful Life, White Christmas- These staples are a must watch each year. One of Brian's favorite movies has always been It's A Wonderful Life and he still recites Lasso The Moon scene for me!

- Rockefellar Christmas Tree- So lucky to live close enough to visit the tree each year.

- Holiday Party- I usually host a holiday party for friends and closest family the 1st week of December. This year we are going to have to skip the party. My brother's wedding is this Saturday and I am feeling a little to uncomfortable to take on a huge party this December. I'm sure next year our annual party will be back!

These are just a few of our family traditions.
What kind of traditions does your family have?
Any suggestions on what we can incorporate for our little one next year?


Nichole said...

Most of our traditions didn't start until I was older, and sort of happened by accident, lol. I love them though! We also get pj's for Christmas, and though its a little early, every Thanksgiving after dinner, we watch It's A Wondeful Life.

Meg Doherty said...

I love these! My fiancee's family does PJs every Christmas Eve too - I love it! We are going to NYC in a couple of weekends! Are you planning a trip this year, too?

Jen said...

I love these traditions! We always get new PJ's too!

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