Thursday, May 22, 2014


I've seen a few of these floating around the blog world. I always find these fun to read so I hoped on the bandwagon too.

...Loving- These adorable Pottery Barn hats with matching diaper cover. The Coldplay station on I tunes radio; REM, Snow Patrol, Oasis, Keane. I can't get enough! Hallmark Baby clothes, so cute!

...Wishing- I had an easier time losing the post pregnancy weight. I wish I wasn't so down on myself about it too!

...Waiting- For my husband to hang up pictures (my least favorite job) so we can make progress on our living room gallery wall and Jack's nursery! Yes, my son will be 5 months and his walls are still bare.

...Walking- Not as much as I should!

...Planning- Family pictures! I'd love to drop a few pounds first. I'm thinking of taking them at the Country Club where we got married. I'd love to have pictures of the 3 of us in the same spot we were married. I may also hold out until the fall and take them at the Orchard where we had our 1st date and where were engaged. I also need to plan Jack's christening. I have to get through the Great Strides Walk a Thon for Cystic Fibrosis next weekend.

...Wanting- The weather to be nice for the holiday weekend. The forecast looks terrible for the entire weekend. Rain starts tomorrow and goes until Monday.

...Eating- BEETS! I'm obsessed with them lately. I've been craving them on salads lately. My new favorite is mixed greens, beets, dried cherries, goat cheese and topped off with Ken's Italian dressing (The one made with cider vinegar) and sprinkled with some french fried onions.

...Thinking- There were more hours in the day! I can't seem to fit anything into my days. I can't even sleep

...Dreading- Work! Every day I'm there I'm wishing I was home with my boy. I miss him so much that all the little things that happen on a regular work day are so intensified.

...Watching- Breaking Bad! Since cutting cable we are catching up on all the series we never really watched. We have become obsessed with Breaking Bad! We are in the final season and I'm getting anxious that we will have nothing to watch when it ends!!! I'm also watching Dawson's Creek when I need a break from all the meth making.

...Obsessed- This necklace! 

..Laughing- This picture....

Go home Jack, you're drunk!

...Excited because I have a 4 day weekend and Brian is also! We are going to have a family day on Saturday. Tuesday we have an appointment with Jack's respiratory specialist but it's still 4 days with my guys!


Jenn said...

Have you seen Orange is the New Black? I really enjoyed it, and season 2 is coming out June 6th. So if you run out of Breaking bad, just get on that train :)

Jen said...

Haha that picture is too cute for words!

Patty said...

Hi Kristina! I am your swap partner for the spell do swap party and I am so excited!! We are pretty much in the same phase of life, which is so neat. The funny thing is we almost named our son Jack too hehe..

I totally feel you, losing that baby weight is super tough!!! :p. looking forward to getting to know you :)

<3 patty

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