Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Nursing Spot Essentials

Before Jack was born I had always knew I wanted to breastfeed for his health benefits as well as mine. No matter how beneficial breast feeding is it is still really hard work. Our breast feeding journey was a difficult one and it took us 3.5 months to get it right but patience and determination got us where we are today. I couldn't be happier. Up until Jack was a little over 3 months he refused to nurse. He would get close to me and he would scream. Not cry but scream his bloody head off. He would turn bright red and then purple. I would try so hard to not get discouraged but it was inevitable.   I continued to try at least once every day. It would usually end in tears for the both of us.

I did get a Medela pump through our insurance and I was only hoping to use it occasionally but it ended up being my only form of breast feeding Jack. I really hated pumping from the get go. I felt like I was never pumping enough for him and it just took so long. A few weeks ago Jack woke up began to cry while I was pumping. I knew he was hungry so I tried again and through some miracle this boy latched on. He latched that morning and we have been nursing ever since. My pump is only used while I am at work and I nurse him whenever we are together. To make us both comfortable I have created nursing areas in our home; one in our living room and one in our bedroom. I had read that your body will get used to the area where you usually nurse and you will have a stronger let down so I've been pretty regimented with when and where I nurse. I have found it essential to have items with in reach at all times in these areas. I've dedicated a space on my night stand for these items and also in an end table in the living room. 

These are some of the items I found it important to keep in my nursing spots. I use a small basket as a caddy to take the smaller stuff from station to station. 

Boppy or pillow- Comfort for both me and Jack is so important. If neither of us is comfortable the nursing session does not work well. The Boppy is good but I prefer the average bed pillow. When I nurse in bed I lay side by side with Jack. He eats so much better this way. 

Nipple Pads- Leaks are inevitable just like on my first day back at work!  I have found the organic pads are my favorite and the disposable pads to work the best. 

Hydro Pads- The pain and discomfort in the beginning can be very difficult. These Medela hydro pads were the only thing that helped. I kept the in the fridge when I wasn't using them. 

Nipple Cream- I had used the Lansinoh as it was give as free samples but the Medela cream worked the best for me.

Clock- I don't time our feedings but it is good to know how long he nurses for. I keep track of his feedings for his doctor appointments. 

Water or any hydrating beverage- Nursing dehydrates me like you wouldn't believe. I try to drink a lot through out the day. No matter how much I drink the second he starts to nurse I feel dehydrated. I usually have a large reusable bottle by my side at all times.

Snacks- I often forgot to eat during the early post partum days. I would find myself dizzy and it was the worst. I started packing some snack in with my nursing basket. They usually included trail mix, Fiber One Bars, granola bars and fruit. 

Vitamins- I take my vitamins right before I nurse or right after. It helps that I leave them in the same spot so I don't forget them. I take my prenatal and also Fenugreek to increase my supply.

Burp Clothes- Like I said leaks are inevitable but so it spit up. Green Sprouts are my favorites. 

Remote Controls/Cell Phones- Yes, breastfeeding should be a calm and relaxing time for both you and baby but you can't deny that some entertainment makes the experience a little more bearable. 

Note Pad/ Pen- Keeping track of your feedings is important. Jack had a difficult time gaining weight at one time so I try and keep track of every time he eats and for how long. 

Trash Can- Having a receptacle close is important. After our feedings Jack usually falls fast asleep and I don't move him. It is my favorite time of day so to move him to throw away a nipple pad is just not worth it for me. 

Remember it is important to stay comfortable, entertained and stay nourished during these times.. 

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