Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Jack- 8 Months Old

Weight and Height- 
Last appointment he was15.14 but that was 2 months ago. He has been eating solids like a beast and has packed on some weight from looking at the way his clothes fit. 

Jack continues to go back to his group of specialists. We continue his nebulizer and percussion therapies 2 times a day.  He is feeling good lately! You would never even know he has cystic fibrosis. He went through blood work, another sweat test and chest x-rays last week. We are hoping all the results are great. 

Jack hasn't gotten into a pattern yet. One week he will be up 3 times a night and the next week he will be sleeping for 6+ hours. We are still waking up a few times a night. I'm so tired!

Jack barely cries.He is such a happy little boy but has become whiny! He still cries in the car and if I'm not feeding him quick enough. 

I call it his Trump comb over but its growing in. It's such a beautiful. blonde color. 

A gray Blue!

Jack is wearing 6 months. He also fits into some 9 month stuff but most of it is still;l big. 

Jack finally loves solid foods. I've realized his trouble with eating solids was a sensitive gag reflex. Once I realized that was the case i fed him differently. He loves bananas, peaches, squash and plums. I've made all of his food so far but I have also purchased some organic pouches of foods that are difficult  to find like pumpkin. He loves the consistency of them too. Making our own food is like another job but its really worth it!

We have one down. Most days start at 5am. We begin with this treatments and follow that up with a feeding. Our nights usually contain another treatment after his last feeding when he's asleep. 

He is so incredibly happy and friendly. He is such a flirt its crazy! He smiles at any pretty girl. He loves watching older kids play. He squeals with excitement when he sees kids or dogs. Jack reacts to people he is familiar with and its usually a huge smile. He is now interested in his cousins and smiles at them when they play. He is so friendly with my best friend's little boy. They laugh and smile all the time when they are together. He has started saying "mama" when reaching for me or getting my attention. I adore it!

Standing like a big boy.
Crawling like a mad man
He LOVES being in the water to swim and take baths. 
Jack love dogs. He gets so excited when he sees any dog. 
He loves pretty girls too. He is very flirtatious. 
Jack loves to imitate others. He will cough and giggle when he hears others. 
He is obsessed with phones, iPads and remote controls. 
Jack loves his Fisher Price musical push toy and his peek a boo stuffed animal. 
He loves listening to me sing and act silly. 
His Daniel Tiger stuffed animal is his favorite.
Family- He loves his grandmas and grandpas. He always smiles at mommy and laughs when daddy makes funny faces. 
Cartoons especially Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. 

Laying down for diaper changes
Car rides
Being told no
Being in a different room than his mom and dad

This mom is tired. I feel like I haven't slept in so long.. I'm happy. I just love being a mommy! I still have working mommy guilt but it has gotten a little better. It still sucks! I played softball with friends last weekend and it felt good to do something for me. It was great to have my little man cheering me on. 


Kristin said...

Good thing he's so cute for the long nights!

Jen said...

Happy 8 months Jack! :) He is growing like a weed.

Ashley said...

He is such a doll!!! Noah loves his mesh feeder too!!! I love all the pics and I'm glad his health is doing well too!! Can't believe he is 8 months!! Hopefully he figures out the sleeping business!!

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