Friday, September 19, 2014

Oh Hey Friday!

I'm so thankful for September Farm because I've found a new link up to be a part of. I've met so many of my favorite bloggers through link ups. Hello, Oh How Pinteresting!!! (I miss you) I'm happy to end the week with a new one. I'm hoping it will help me get into a blogging mood!It has been hard with a constantly moving baby! The best part is I can blog any anything! Plus Karli's blog is adorable and she's preggo so you know I love following a growing baby bump! 

1. First off I have the MOST AMAZING NEWS to share with you all. I feel like I have gotten such wonderful support since mentioning back in January that Jack was diagnosed with Cystic Fibrosis. A few weeks ago we went for a repeat sweat test to measure the salt in Jack's sweat. This was done in January when he was only 2 weeks old. The salt levels in the sweat help to diagnose CF. His doctor wanted to do a repeat to see if Jack's levels reduced. It usually doesn't happen but Jack's doctors wanted to be sure due to the testing was done at such a young age. It is absolutely amazing but Jack's levels dropped!!!! He was on the lower end of the spectrum originally but now they are even lower and border NORMAL range! This basically says Jack will live a long life with only some lung issues.  It is safe to assume that Jack will not have any pancreas issues and will live a long life! We are beyond BLESSED. Thank you to all who thought of us and prayed or sent well wishes. We are all forever grateful to you. 

My HEALTHY, HAPPY little hunk! 

2. It's Octoberfest Weekend in NJ! I'm excited to take Jack for the first time and I'm even a little excited to get my hands on a some good German beer! It should be a fun time. 

3. One of my favorite blog buddies is getting married this weekend!!! I'm so excited for Meg and wish her all the best. Head over to her blog and wish her well. CONGRATS MEG! You are going to be a stunning bride. I hope your day is all you ever dreamed and more! 

4.  We are slowly but surely planning Jack's Baptism. It is less than a month away and I don't even have an outfit for him. I should probably order one. I also have no idea what food we will serve to our families and friends. I basically have the cake ordered (thanks to my mom) plates, cups and cutlery. It's much harder to plan a party with a little dude taking up all my attention. I used to care so much about party planning and now I just don't care as much. Jack takes up most if not all my time, hence why I blog once every few weeks but I wouldn't have it any other way. I love being his mommy. 

5. It will really feel like fall this weekend in New Jersey. I have been so excited to break out some awesome fall clothes. Bring them on! I love me some sweaters, scarves and boots! It sounds silly but I literally wore out my last pair of riding boots and some of the other boots I have don't really fit as nicely as they did pregnancy. Plus, I'm worried about wearing heals while carrying Jack. I was psyched to see French Blu boots for 55% off of Zulily yesterday. I picked up these beauties! 


Happy Friday everyone! 


Jenn said...

That is such GREAT news!!! SO happy for you!!!

Confessions of a Northern Belle said...

I wish I could pull off tall boots like that, but my short legs make it pretty impossible! Happy Friday!

Nichole @ said...

That is WONDERFUL news! I am so happy for you (and lil Jack!)

Jen said...

This is absolutely AMAZING news!!!! Oh I am so happy for you all. :)

Kelly Mock said...

Jack is so cute!!! Amazing news!

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