Wednesday, October 22, 2014

One Tree Hill Fan Girl Moment

I'm not sure if I said it here before but I truly loved One Tree Hill. I didn't watch the show when it began although so many of my friends did. It wasn't until a vacation to Wilmington, North Carolina back in 2009 that I finally got into the show. Wilmington is where the filming of OTH took place (Dawson's Creek too. Another favorite) It was when we took a movie tour of Wilmington that we found out it is it's own little Hollywood. After being there I couldn't help but start watching when we returned home. I got a little addicted thanks to Netflix.

I don't follow many celebs on social media but I do follow Sophia Bush, who I adore. Over the weekend she posted a few photos of her OTH cast mates and I nearly fainted at the thought of a reunion movie/show. Yeah total fangirl moment! Apparently there was a One Tree Hill Convention in Paris over the weekend. Who knew there was such a thing???? It was actually the second convention called "From Wilmington to Paris"I can hear Gavin DeGraw in my head already. There are some rumors about a reboot. I am a little undecided on that though. The 90210 reboot was TERRIBLE. Almost all of the cast were there even crazy Nanny Carey and Skills but no Chad Michael Murray, whomp, whomp.

Either way, I got all nostalgic over the show but also my time spent in Wilmington. Brian and I have so many happy memories there. I love the north east but if I had the choice to move Wilmington would be the place. It's a perfectly, charming port city with lots of southern charm. I could absolutely see myself there .


Jen said...

Oh how I love Wilmington!!! It's such a cool place.

Amy DeVito said...

One of my all time favorite shows along with Dawson's Creek, Beverly Hills 90210, & 7th Heaven.

Amy @

Ashley said...

I feel like shows can only start back up again if the same cast is on and the same director!! There are a few shows I wish would come back, like Dawson's creek - loved that show! Friends, original 90210 - I'd love to see them all raising a family or living life out haha.
I didn't watch the beginning of one tree hill either, but I should, I liked the last few seasons

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