Wednesday, October 1, 2014

To Do It All Over

I've been pretty down and out about working since my maternity leave ended in April. Just the thought of it gets me down. Most days when I'm at work I sit and do nothing but think of all the great things I could be doing at home with Jack. I've been thinking a lot about my choices and if I could do it all over again what would I have chosen as a career option. 

I find myself thinking of my dream job. It may sound silly but I've always had a dream of opening up a little coffee shop in a small town. I wouldn't want it to be any old coffee stop though. I would want it to feel cozy; nothing fancy, like a home away from home. It would be a place where you can recharge with a great coffee and a book. It would be a place where everyone was a "regular" and it was the place to be. It would be a comfortable little place where the commuters would stop for a little morning motivation with their fresh baked muffins and quick coffee before the morning grind.The spot where high school kids would sneak out to grab a quick coffee and lunch but also a cozy little spot for families to grab dinner as they listen to local musicians play at open mic night. 

I dream the place be filled with lots of delicious coffee flavors like graham cracker and pumpkin spice, not just in the fall but all year round. I wouldn't ignore the tea drinkers though. I'd want to bag all of our own teas. Oh and the food; mornings would be filled with tasty muffins, filled popovers, fresh butter croissants (all of which I'd have to learn to make!) Lunch and dinner specials made with local ingredients. Let me not forget about deserts, cakes and pie that sit on little cake plates on the counter just tempted all the customers as they come in. 

Is it silly I even think of the decor to this little dream cafe??? I dream of simple decor, like exposed brick and beams with big chalkboards filled with a menu of goodies. I'd like local artists to show their work all over the walls. There would have to be comfy seating, rocking chair as well as tables. Outdoor seating would be a must with a fire pit for the chilly evenings to go along with a s'mores bar? I'd offer blankets to costumers that were a little chilly.

I'd name my little dream cafe, The Apple Tree Cafe because so many of my happiest memories just so happen to begin under an apple tree.

My husband always makes fun of me because cafes and food service jobs are always 24-7 and they never stop. Which I know and understand but I'll continue to live in my little cafe dream world, kinda like Karen's Cafe in One Tree Hill. She made it work, right?!?! Kidding 

Isn't it nice to dream? 
What would be your dream job?


Amy DeVito said...

I think your dream job sounds awesome. I love reading a good book while drinking my coffee and I'm always up for indulging my sweet tooth.

My dream job would be to be a sports reporter in New York. My other dream job, which I hope to make a reality someday, is to be a kindergarten aide. I love working with kids and I think this would be a great job for me.

Amy @

Erin @ Happily Obsessed said...

I am the same way!! I sit here and wonder what he is doing and what I am missing out on. I love the coffee shop idea!! I would come sit and we could chat all day. lol

My dream is to open a boutique. I talk to Travis about it ALL.THE. TIME.

Jen said...

There is no dream that is too small. I love this!

Meg Doherty said...

You open that coffee shop and need a baker, I'm your girl! I've ALWAYS wanted to have my own little bakery.

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