Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Remember Last Month?

Hey there, remember last month when I said I was back, haha. Just kidding! Maybe I'll try this again. It just seems so difficult to get back into blogging with so very much going on. I used to blog early in the morning or late in the evening after Jack had fallen asleep. I just can't seem to find inspiration at any time. Honestly, having a toddler is so much harder than I thought. I feel exhausted all.the.time!!! Jack runs me ragged and barely ever sleeps. Right now he is napping so I thought picking up my laptop might be a good idea.

Since the last time I blogged a few things have happened. We lost our beloved Bogart. It has been a sad few weeks. It happened quicker than we expected as he was given 3-4 months and he passed after only 6 weeks of his diagnosis. My sweet boy, we will love you forever.

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We started renovating a few things around our home. My husband has been working lots of overtime in hopes to help offset some of the costs. We purchased our home 5 years ago and we are trying to make our small 2 bedroom townhouse feel as spacious as possible. We finally added new windows to our kitchen and we are in the process or prices hardwood floors for our main living area. Jack's room is our most difficult spot. We are attempting to make it a big boy room but want to be sure we leave space in case we decide on baby number 2.

We took Jack to his most recent clinical visit and everything looks great. He has been fighting a cough and cold so we were surprised his lungs sounded clear. He is doing so well and we are so pleased. The one thing I worry about constantly is his health. After his Cystic Fibrosis diagnosis I became a completely different person. I worry all the time. I stress all the time. I have tried so many different things to quiet the stress but it's really difficult. It has put a strain on many relationships, made me avoid family/friend functions and has hurt my marriage as well as my health. I don't think I'll ever not worry about Jack or his health. Isn't that what us moms do?!?!?

Once again, I'm looking forward to posting. Hopefully, some of followers are still out there and interested in our little life.. For those of you still reading, thanks for sticking around.


Jen said...

Sending lots of love your way, you are an amazing person!

Molly said...

I'm still here and so glad to read your post's again. Thinking of you, friend.

Molly said...

I'm still here and so glad to read your post's again. Thinking of you, friend.

Shann Eva said...

So sorry for your loss of Bogart. Your son is adorable, and I look forward to reading more about you and your family. I have three boys, so I know how tough it can be to find the time to blog.

Jaime Blunier said...

So sorry for your loss! Our pets are always a part of our family, and is devastating! I will add you to my prayers

Blubtrflygrl said...

Hey there. Still reading your blog and worried about you!
The social worker in me wants to make some can take em' or leave them though 😊. Are you involved in any kind of support group (on or off line) for special needs moms? I also try to do yoga 3x a week at a studio, and I often feel guilty for leaving my family, but it recharges me and is the perfect use of "alone" time. Lastly, I never thought I would do this myself, but I just saw my PCP and told him about some things that have been affecting me stress-wise. Especially when it comes to getting a good night's sleep. He gave me a prescription for Xanax to take as needed....had my first one last night and had the first uninterrupted sleep I've had in awhile. It's hard to take car of ourselves but there are little things we can do to make it a little better. Will be thinking of you!

Meg Taylor said...

I'm so sorry again about Bogart. He and Jack were so lucky to share such an amazing bond! Also very happy to hear that Jack is doing well! Hope to see you back to regular blogging soon! xoxo

Amy DeVito said...

Again, I'm so sorry for your loss. Bogart was as lucky to have you guys as you were to have him. *hugs*

I'm so glad Jack's feeling good but I hope his cough & cold go away soon!

I've missed your blog posts! :)

Amy @

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