Sunday, January 10, 2016

Jack- 2 Years Old

Can you believe that this itty bitty turned 2 last week?!?!

Me either!

 This little boy has brought me more love and happiness than I could have ever imagined! I never knew love until he came into my life. Jack surprises me everyday with the things he says and the things he does.


Jack is doing AMAZING considering he has had a rough few months. I feel like he has had a cold since September. Right before Christmas we ended up in the hospital after a bout of the croup. Yikes! It was pretty scary but he recovered quickly! 

Jack just doesn't sleep. He has slept through the night in his own bed twice this entire year! Jack has transitioned into a queen size bed. We thought that would help but no such luck. We are often up at 3am every night. Sometimes its 1am and 3am. 


It's such a beautiful dirty blonde color.  

A gray blue!

Jack is wearing 18-24 month clothes. The 18 month pants are getting short but the 24 months are too big. We have to dart themes they don't fall down. He is growing quicker than he was last year. This time last year he was still in 6-9 month clothes

He is so incredibly happy and friendly. He loves his cousins and his buddy Michael. He has made friends at his weekly story time and his swim lessons. He  has lots of friends in the neighborhood people and dogs too. He knows all the dogs names. 

- JACK IS 2!
- He is talking up a storm. I can't believe all the words he knows. He knows his "Please, Thank You and You're Welcome"
- He repeats everything too. 

- He can throw a tantrum like no one else. I like to call him a toddler tornado! 

- Jack is potty training. 
-He will be getting new medication for his CF starting this month! It is life changing. Wish us luck!



-Thomas the Tank Engine and any trains

-He is a water boy. He loves his baths.
- Listening to music and dancing.
-Family- He loves his grandmas and grandpas. 
- To eat. He is a great eater. He loves salmon, chicken, and broccoli. 

Laying down for diaper changes
Car rides
Being told no
Going to bed


Jen said...

He is so awesome! I just love his personality comes through in photos! :)

Amy DeVito said...

Happy 2nd birthday, Jack! I can't believe he's 2. He is getting so big and even more cute *how that is even possible when he's already off the charts in that department, I don't know. ;)*!

I hope you all had a wonderful time celebrating his birthday!

Amy @

Meg Taylor said...

Good luck with the new medication this month!! So glad to hear he's been feeling okay recently. I cannot believe your little man is TWO. So many cute memories from this year!

Ashley said...

Great to hear about the new meds!! Hoping for the best!! Can't believe he is 2! Where does time go??

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