Friday, June 24, 2011

Daily Skin Care Routine

I've been blessed with some really great skin. I barely suffer from break outs. The only problems I do have are dry skin in the winter months and dark circles under my eyes. We installed a new water filtration system and it quickly cleared up our issues with dry skin. I have always been a person to wash my face with water but since hitting the big 3-0 I have been taking extra care of my skin. My recent daily routine consists of:

1. Mia Clear Sonic. This product is amazing
2. Mary K eye souffle, I like to keep it in the refrigerator. The cool feels so nice. Plus the cold reduces dark circles and really helps my allergy eyes with some relief. (not pictured)
3. Day lotion with SPF 15.
4. Garnier Dark Circle Eye Roller
5. After all these goodies I usually apply make up; very simple cheek stain, bronzer, eye shadow and mascara.
6. At night I use a Mary K eye make up remover followed by Mary K Night Creme
(I don't sell or promote Mary K. Through a recent bridal show I got some free goodies.)
7. Twice a week I use a revitalizing mask that I leave on for 10 minutes.

Here are all my daily goodies:

Isn't that a cute platter? I got it at the Hoboken Craft Fair. Only $3!!!


The Vintage Modern Bride said...

how do you like the eye circle roller? i've always wanted to buy it but i'm skeptical if it works

Kristina said...

I like it. I was skeptical too. Its not the miracle worker I wanted it to be but the one I'm using has a tint to it so I use it to replace concealer.

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