Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Our home...

Just about 2 years ago Brian and I purchased our home. It took us 6 months of searching until we found "it" Originally we wanted something completely different then what we got. I guess you could say you can't always get what you want but it worked in our favor.

At first we wanted a ranch style home. I didn't really want to much just a simple place to call our own. Brian was a bit more picky. He didn't want neighbors and it had to have 2+ bathrooms (Long story, I guess its a guy thing?) I didn't mind neighbors. I grew up in NYC and then spent my teen years in a town home. To be honest neighbors are a source of comfort for me. I like the social aspect of seeing your neighbors and socializing. Brian grew up off the beaten path in the woods of NJ. He was no stranger to bears, deer and wild turkeys visiting his parents home. Before we got this home we put bids on 2 other homes and they both fell through. We purchased when the market was all over the place and the original 2 homes were both short sales that didn't work. We happened about this adorable little town home our realtor suggested we check out. Mr. Ranch who didn't want neighbors fell in love immediately. I was a harder sell. I REALLY hated the kitchen, the color, ceramic tiles, cabinets and door pulls. With in a week was sold and a month later we were home owners! Here are just a few shots of our home. Its still a work in progress.

Our housewarming party.

Our backyard 

Our kitchen (we now have a pretty awesome table we got from our recycle center) Yep we are garbage pickers but we redid the chairs in new material. The blue was a puke green. It was terrible along with the grey formica backsplash and counter tops. Apparently the old owners liked the jail cell grey color. GROSS

Our deck set from our backyard

Bedroom, I wanted an apple green accent wall for years and I finally got one! Our new bed set is white, grey and beige botanical theme and we got rid of the icky head board! 

Flowers in our garden

He/She is our neighborhood visitor and harmless but we keep our distance. He enjoys to eat our leftovers out of our garbage. 
Hope you enjoyed a little sneak peak into our little home. Its a work in progress so I hope to continue to update you all the more we get accomplished. 

Happy Hump Day All. 

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Elle The Heiress said...

Sounds like my husband & I! I was find with a townhouse but he wanted to be all secluded. We ended up with a single family home on a double lot, but our neighbors to the left are only like 7 feet away.

I loooooove your backyard! I wish we had one. =(

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